Sunday, 14 July 2013

my eldest daughter's birthday

I was planning to write about my daughters birthday in the lead up to the day, but could not write on this page for some reason..

anyway, her birthday was on Friday and she was very happily celebrating it with friends and siblings, so she had a happy day..

When I was expecting her, I had terrible kidney failure, and was rushed off to hospital in a serious condition.

My young husband had started his job that morning and I felt very unwell. I then filled a washing up bowl with blood and had to call the doctor. He cam immediately and said I had to go to hospital. I did not want him to alert my husband at his new job, I was so worried about his reaction if he had to leave to attend to me.
The doctor rang around to see who could look after my eldest child, Daniel who was 16 months old. A foster parent was found over a hundred miles away, but thankfully the lady next door came to my rescue. She had a disabled son so was at home all day..

 Thank goodness Daniel could be looked after daily whilst I was in hospital. I was 7 months pregnant and for a while they discussed making me deliver, but after complete bed rest for several days where I was so weak and fading in and out of consciousness I was finally allowed to go home..

When I was rushed off to hospital, my poor husband had come home and read the note, so turned up to see me, and learned of the arrangement with next door. Thank goodness for that dear neighbour, whom I had not met before, but she cared for my Daniel all the time I was in hospital. Eventually I came home, so weak I could not even lift my little boy and that neighbour continued to look after him. Each day before work, he would carry h is bag with his nappies in and go next door... not a squeak or tantrum from him, he was such an angel.

 Rebecca decided to wait 2 more weeks from the end of the pregnancy and so I had to into the hospital to be induced.
It was a strange experience having the bag of waters broke.. when they did it, they held up a dark hair and said baby had lots of hair..
A mere 4 hours later I was meeting her for the very first time. It was such a rapid push out that her eyes remained closed for almost a week and he little fists were clenched too..

 After all the travails, I was so happy to have a daughter this time..

We named her Rebecca Louise.. and from that day to this she has always been such a wonderful person. She now has three children of her own, almost grown up, and we share a lot of special moments together.

On the 12th of July I remember how much I love her and what a thrill it was to meet her for the very first time.

Another amazing co incidence is that my brother's daughter Capucine, was born on the same day but 12 years later, so we ring each other up to congratulate each other on the births of our daughters**