Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I hate arguments, especially ones that I know I cannot win.. although the sane side of me says about the subject....'so what!'

My husband likes to delegate a lot of the boring easy things to do, so it means I do his banking, collect the books from the library when they need changing.. This means that I bring back books that will somehow suit both of us to read. Each library card entitles the reading of up to 15 books! Normally I manage to get out and stagger home with a basket full of books which add up to about 9 in total. This generally means that I have chosen a few that might suit him, but certainly I think I can have a go at reading them all. I am a fast reader and often have several books going at the same time. We have a home full of books on all sorts of different subjects... because another one of my many weaknesses, is getting books from Charity shops.. Ah well, that's another story,..

The reason that I am seated at my PC, is that I am quietly and not so quietly stewing in annoyance... annoyed that such a things would impress on itself.. but anyway.. here's the thing. 
I got this book which is written about an Anglo Saxon girl, during the times of the Norman Conquest when William came over from Normandy and took control over England.   The book looked interesting, and I thought he might even enjoy a book of the times he is so interested in.. For a whole afternoon all the books have been on the kitchen table, and this evening he picked this book up, only after reading the back details, threw it back onto the table and hissed..... 'I can't read this, they have got it all wrong... before, during and after the Norman conquest, the people were the English, not Anglo-Saxons!!!!!

His main interest is this period as I said, but this vehement explosion about Anglo Saxon versus English took me quite by surprise... I felt annoyed that I had taken the time to find a book set in the period he knows so much about, only to have it thrown aside in annoyance at its inaccuracy..
 Even listening to the Radio, he will turn it off when historical facts are not just as he knows they should be. [Admittedly  radio does down talk facts in order to make it easier for the listener, but he really just explodes - to my mind quite unnecessarily...] however I felt slighted at his reaction to the book I had chosen and came upstairs to my computer to calm down and vent here, dear people, on my machine.

He is generally the most mild mannered and unassuming person, and has lots of qualities that I do admire... but get the facts wrong historically and he is a different person! 

I do not like engaging in arguments, I think it solves nothing, if you both hold a different view..  I love history, and for me Anglo Saxon was a period that I understood to be before and during Norman times, but its obviously wrong  factually.  

History is not the only subject that we do raise our arguments about.. Religion is another, and Politics... so these subjects are rarely discussed here as we both know that we shall both disagree forever....

I was going to write a little Valentine verse today to give to him tomorrow, but the way I am feeling at the moment, its best not to put pen to paper  ha ha..