Monday, 10 September 2012

daughters -in- law=family

Having three sons, I would have been expected to dislike at least one of the girls they brought home and married, but I have been pleasantly really surprised. My eldest son, is now happily married for a second time, but even during his first marriage I think I was able to be a good ma- in -law without much interference and only visited when I was asked. As we did live a distance away, it was not too hard to keep that promise.

Now of course he has moved to Australia, and that's a whole different idea of distance.. However we do still speak on the phone, and also text like mad, so I don't feel too cut off from his world.

My second son has married another beauty... [all my boys seem to attract gorgeous young women*]- and they  have now been married almost 5 years, their anniversary will be next month. Over the time that she has known us, she has become such an integral part of the family. She bakes like a real cook, she makes things for the home and knits and crochets.. there is no end to her talents and she also works full time whilst my son, her husband completes his PhD in Architecture.. What a woman.!!
I love her for her kindness and intelligence and knowing how happy she makes my boy..

I love Daniel's wife in Australia for the same qualities, and she has given Daniel another son, and is a wonderful home maker as well as being a career girl.. Both these girls are kind to me and I think  they like me enough not to have any problems with me..  I do often  think how lucky my boys are, but then if they were not worthy of them, the girls would never have agreed to marry them..

Its a funny thing to think about when sons bring home the girls that are going to be their wives. They are joining the family and hopefully going to produce the next generation to carry the name forward.  When my daughters married, they joined their husbands' families to carry on their family name.

I know this makes me sound old fashioned, but it is true and luckily both my girls found good people who married them and were good fathers afterwards too.

For me, the only difference in loving daughters in law and my own daughters is that I carried my daughters and saw them grow up, and my new daughters I did not...
My love for all my family is there, but not over played and I think they all respect that. I promised myself that I would be there to hear them, to help them when I could, and always smile and have fun with them, and so far, touch wood it has worked out..

In truth, I don't only have two daughters, more like 4, and I still waiting for the youngest of my brood to bring his wife to be home to meet us.

Meanwhile I know it will soon be the  time when my daughters in law are producing babies, and that gives me even more to be proud of and fills my heart with  such joy [and impatience] as I wait to meet the next  new members of our ever growing family.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


My daughter Gabriella, lives in Ontario with her darling daughter Caitlin, Husband Darren and son Callum. They have been there over 11 years now, and are now going to be made a citizen of the country. They have embraced the life style big time, and have settled in so well.. The standard of living is much higher than they could have afforded in England and they earn much higher salaries too.

Callum is involved with Ice Hockey and Speed Skating, and Caitlin is into Ballet and Skating.  They live in a small town on the outskirts of Toronto called Aurora. I loved to visit them and did a lot of visiting in the first years they were over there, but now have not been for over 8 years.. I have to change this soon, but I am stuck in UK for the moment.

 After all the ops I had last year to correct the pressure causing my sciatica, I now have the added insult of it coming back, and being just as painful, on the same side, so all the ops did not cure, but left me worse off than ever before. I am spitting sixpences as the saying goes !!

. I was offered the chance to visit my Gaby, but felt with all the parafanalia I could not do it on my own, and John will never travel that far. I feel really hard done by, as, although I am able to get around and out and about, I have to judge where I am going, how far it is to walk and where are the b,..... toilets too!

This is one of Rebecca who lives in Oxford, she is the older one of the two, but still looks pretty good, after having three children and they are almost all adults.. !!

However, the sun is shining and when I saw the picture on our facebook, as Gaby added it last night, I just had to get it put onto my blog... Both my girls are lovely and I think quite stunning, but I just loved the closeness of this picture, between my daughter and her daughter.. God Bless 'em..