Tuesday, 4 September 2012


My daughter Gabriella, lives in Ontario with her darling daughter Caitlin, Husband Darren and son Callum. They have been there over 11 years now, and are now going to be made a citizen of the country. They have embraced the life style big time, and have settled in so well.. The standard of living is much higher than they could have afforded in England and they earn much higher salaries too.

Callum is involved with Ice Hockey and Speed Skating, and Caitlin is into Ballet and Skating.  They live in a small town on the outskirts of Toronto called Aurora. I loved to visit them and did a lot of visiting in the first years they were over there, but now have not been for over 8 years.. I have to change this soon, but I am stuck in UK for the moment.

 After all the ops I had last year to correct the pressure causing my sciatica, I now have the added insult of it coming back, and being just as painful, on the same side, so all the ops did not cure, but left me worse off than ever before. I am spitting sixpences as the saying goes !!

. I was offered the chance to visit my Gaby, but felt with all the parafanalia I could not do it on my own, and John will never travel that far. I feel really hard done by, as, although I am able to get around and out and about, I have to judge where I am going, how far it is to walk and where are the b,..... toilets too!

This is one of Rebecca who lives in Oxford, she is the older one of the two, but still looks pretty good, after having three children and they are almost all adults.. !!

However, the sun is shining and when I saw the picture on our facebook, as Gaby added it last night, I just had to get it put onto my blog... Both my girls are lovely and I think quite stunning, but I just loved the closeness of this picture, between my daughter and her daughter.. God Bless 'em..


  1. Your girls look lovely.Rebecca looks very much like you (hard to tell about Gabriella, because she is looking down).
    Given my time over I would have gone to Canada years ago, as a nurse it would have been fairly easy for me. We did get close to going to Australia and then New York, until interfering in-laws scuppered our plans!

  2. Beautiful girls. Yes, Rebecca looks strikingly like you. They both seem to have your lovely smile!

  3. I'm sorry your ops did not work for you. Yes, both girls are beautiful and I can see why you love the picture of your daughter and granddaughter. Very touching.

  4. You have beautiful daughters. Your granddaughter looks just like her mom. Thank you kindly for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your visit.