Monday, 29 December 2014

A lovely and loving Christmas

It was a grand Christmas this year.. it seemed to creep up before I really felt ready and although I had been buying little bits and pieces all the previous months, I still didn't feel ready...Then, it was upon us... We had a quiet day with a singleton friend of John's coming for the xmas lunch.. this went well, even John had great enjoyment of his vegetarian offering I made.. In the evening we went to John's daughters house where John's first wife and husband were also staying. We spent the whole of the evening with them and funnily enough it went very smoothly, returning home around midnight, we found my youngest son[ who had travelled up mid afternoon], fast asleep on the couch with the two dogs either side. The next day we had free as my son returned to feed his cat, and we spent time together. This saturday,[ the day after Boxing day ]is the traditional day when everyone comes over with their kids and stay a night... massive fun and games and happy times.. Now they are all gone, the last this morning, and the sun is out the snow is thawing and yet very icy outside. We are in the warm, dogs snoozing by the fire, magic indeed. Our joy was greatly enhanced by the news yesterday afternoon that John's son and wife had given us a baby granddaughter called Amelia Ivy and she had come into the world,safe and sound. John was so relieved, he had been quite anxious since he knew the baby was expected. The news made our day, and made the whole festive season even better** This is the first whole year I have spent as a retiree, and I have not found it easy. With no job, no extra money is around for me to do things that I would wish to do, so I spent the first half pottering around, then I had a refund, and straight away I booked a holiday to see my brother and wife in their south of france home.. Best thing I ever did, a whole fortnight doing just resting, visiting and eating wonderful meals, and swimming in their garden swimming pool and getting tanned! It was the first time there for ten years, and since my ops five years ago I had not dared to travel anywhere, but this time I did, and I am so happy that I took the chance to do so. Relaxed and happy that I achieved this visit, I then went online to book a ticket to visit my son in Perth Australia, and will go on January 23 for another fortnight! AND in June I have tickets to go to see my daughter in Canada, so next year, I will be doing the most travel I have done in over ten years... Next year is also a big one for a couple of other reasons.. In May I turn 70, and in September we shall celebrate twenty five years of marriage, so that will call for a party in September to celebrate both events* All in all, I cannot wait for this New Year to start!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

AT LAST I have found a way to post again on this site... whilst I did found another one called Rosiedayzesummer, I was sad to lose all my followers, so tried hard to get back**

Here I am again, as we get to count down the last days of 2014.. Its been quite a year... one when I closed my business and became fully retired.. one where I had to learn what to do with myself if I didn't have a job to do each day. Its been quite hard, and it was not helped by losing the way to get onto this blog.. it was utterly useless...I could find it, but it would not let me post anything... so this is the reason that I have been absent for so long. However, just to cap a just about perfect Christmas with our family and friends, we received the news this evening that a little girl had been born to John's son and wife. She had been expected on the 21st of this month but was too comfortable to move just until today, and it is just the most wonderful way to finish a wonderful week of celebration. It has been quite a year as I said, and I lost two very dear friends much too soon. That was shocking too, but life carries on even if you dont feel like it* I am just so delighted to be back, that I shall finish here, wishing everyone as good a time as possible when the New Year comes... and will blog again as soon as I am able.. see you soon... Janzi