Friday, 29 March 2013

Well, what a palaver!!!!

Today is now Easter Friday, the day we give prayers for the sacrifice that Our Lord made for us all.. and I am seated at my computer, we have friends coming over we have not seen for over 5 years and they are arriving at exactly the time it is proper and fitting to be in Church whilst they pray for the Stations of the Cross, and I will be sitting down with them to tea and crumpets and cake.. what a terrible Christian I am turning out to be!**

However I do have a reason that I am not able to go to Church to observe the stations of the cross.

Let me go back to Tuesday when I went by train down to London, met up with an old Client friend, had lunch and then met another old friend from school to go to see the Manet Exhibition at the Royal Acadamy of Arts.. What a wonderful time I had that day, and lots and lots of walking, culminating in taking the Tube back to the main station.. Catching the Tube I think, is the reason for what happened next!!

Wednesday evening, in the kitchen, sitting down, not moving, went to place the brochure of the exhibition on the kitchen table, when the whole room swung sideways, as a listing ship and I almost fell off my chair... the room continued to swing around me for a few moments, then went back to normal.. Going to bed later as I lay down, again the room swung around and around as I pulled up the covers.. I was so scared, I thought I was going to have a stroke.. I managed to sleep ok all night, but when I got up in the morning I was still giddy and not able to walk properly having to hang on to walls to get around! As I said, I was very frightened and called the doctor's surgery to see if I could have emergency visit to see doc. She agreed, and John drove me over there. We waited around a bit until he could fit us in.. When he saw me and heard what had happened he told us that he was seeing two or three people a day with the same thing! It was a viral infection that attacks the inner ear,Labrynthitis  so balance is all off, and could last up to two weeks... he gave me some anti dizzy tabs, and returning home I went and laid down all afternoon, only getting up in time to make supper. I went again to bed early, and feel a lot better, but still a bit giddy, so cannot go out and sit in Church like this, not knowing if I am going to keel over... so instead when a friend who lives a long way away decided to see if they could visit as they were in the area, of course I said yes it would be nice to see them after such a long time, since I was not going out to Church and we agreed on the time.

I am a Christian, but raised as a Catholic, I choose when and if I attend Mass. I believe quite strongly all that I have been told, but do it my way as and when its a need in me to go to Church. So, this afternoon will pass lovely with friends, and decorating of the front room will start tomorrow, cannot wait to see the changes the colour will make... so all in all, I am a relieved and happy bunny that my off balance episode was not a pre warning of a stroke to happen, and we shall see good friends after such a long time..

Happy Easter to everyone out there, God's blessing on you all..x


  1. So pleased that it wasn't as serious as you first thought! I hope you are feeling much better now. It must have been very frightening until you got the diagnosis. Remembering the meaning of Easter and keeping it in your heart should certainly suffice, considering all that you are going through right now. I have not attended church since we moved here because where I live the Catholic Church service is all in Spanish. I feel very intimidated and stay home. You can pray anywhere! Please share photos of your room when it's done, hugs Sally xx

  2. Frightening experience Janzi. So glad you went to the Doctor It is so easy to to THINK the WORSE!
    Enjoy your Easter Holiday, your friends and family.
    We send sunshine and Blessings from California;-)

  3. Oh my, how frightening that must have been! I am so very glad it was nothing worse than your inner ear. Please take care of yourself. So glad the doctor was able to see you so quickly.

    Easter is kept in your heart, not in your church. God certainly understands. After all, He made you.

    Hope you had a good afternoon with your friend.

  4. Good lord, girl! That sounds dreadful. Hope you recover completely very soon. Funny the way you use the word "giddy"...over here when we use it we mean giggling with laughter, but I don't think that's what you meant. Nothing worse than being dizzy. Well, there are worse things, but dizzy is no fun.

    Hope your Easter is beautiful and sunny. It will be gorgeous here - the weather man predicts 72 degrees - perfect!

    I owe you an email. Been out of touch for far too long. But I am sending you good wishes for good health. xoxo

  5. I have had Labrynthitis a few times in my life and is so wonderful when it is GONE!

    Be well and stay on your feet.


  6. Gee, I have never heard of this virus! It's good that you got in to see your doctor and had your mind put to rest that it wasn't something more serious.

    Happy Easter!

  7. •*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•
    ::: (\_(\ ...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...::::::::::::::
    *: (=' :') :: Happy Easter! :::::::::::::::::::::
    •.. (,('')('')¤...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...:::::::::::

  8. I hope you feel better soon Rosie... That must have been scary...When anything like this happens, God will always understand that you must take care of yourself first and everything else comes next... I hope you enjoyed your time with your friends.

  9. I am so happy it is only a viral infection.

  10. My friend had labyrinthitis and it took forever for it to go away. She was dizzy for awhile! I hope you are better now.

  11. I hope you are over your virus now, I can't reply to your comment on my blog as you are down as no-reply! Just to say I do know Victoria Road in Sutton and I presume you have now moved further away? I'm glad you liked my little walk. My hubs kids are in Perth and one of the reasons I didn't go was the cost involved!! x