Friday, 27 February 2015

Random thoughts in February*

My blog plays up and sometimes does not let me post, but this evening it has, so here goes....Of course the big thing, is what do I say, and since I dont know when I might be able to get on again, I better just leave something to read anyway.. .If any of you remember, after an operation on my spine, which three weeks later was operated on again, I was left with a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome. Of course I was advised to see if I could sue the medics that did this to me. For the past years we have been collecting evidence and paperwork, and it is coming closer to the trial. I have had to have private consultations with experts on the Bowel and Bladder and tests done as well, which is all good if it helps.. Next month I have the final meeting for my solicitors, with a pyschiatrist, who will investigate my mind set and how I have coped with the demeaning way I have to manage my self. I was warned that it could be very intrusive, but it will be an experience I am sure.,. and then for the other side, I have still to see a neuro surgeon who will meet me to assess how it happened.. this has been dragging on now since 011 when I had the ops, so I do hope that I will be successful in outcome of this case.. It isn't that its going to change my life, but it will ease it a bit financially if I win, and also since I am going to get worse, what help in the future will I need to pay for? Its so difficult to sit and remember all the different things that happened during my stay in the hospital. I am the kind of character that just gets on with things, and frankly never been litigeous at all. I just wanted someone to realise that the outcome of that operation, was awful, life changing, and they all wanted to just push it all under the carpet and never apologised either... just, 'well we did the operation, so thats that, now go away!'** In trying to remember all the expenses that have incurred since my return home, I never kept receipts because I am not the small picture person, and never realised it might be useful in trying to quantify expenses incurred these four years. However I am sure that since I am innocent of causing this myself, the truth will out.. I certainly dont expect to win huge amounts, especially as I have to pay the solicitors and counsel for all the upfronting of costs they have had to do- -- it really is, just that I want them- the medical staff at that hospital- to be less cavalier in the future with other patients.! I was discharged and the specialist wrote to my doctor saying I had been sent home with nothing wrong with me, when the truth was, I was incontinent both ends!! Afterwards he said he had gone on the notes of the nurses, and that was why he wrote that** It came as a shock to me to learn that I had lost a litre of blood and nerves were sacrificed during the operation... so he must have known that I was not in perfect condition when I left the hospital........ Anyway, thats to be decided when the court meets, so keep a prayer that it turns out to my benefit** Just having travelled to see my son in Australia, I was sooo nervous about travelling in this condition, changing two planes, plus carrying all the medicine and equipment.. But luckily I managed to cope, and during the two weeks there I only had an accident on the day before I left to come home.. These accidents happen anytime without warning and are very mortifying to say the least. However now I have traveled that far, I will find my journey to Canada in June, quite a doddle as its a much shorter flight so happy that I am going to see my daughter and her family .. they have had the roughest year, which no one should go through. Their 16 year old son refused to give up smoking pot and drinking, so hes left home and they have no idea where he now is.. that little family is broken-hearted and lots of prayers are being said each side of the world.. The world has changed, that sixteen year olds who are so young really, can make all the major decisions in their lives and cut themselves off from their loving families.. The trouble also , is that the children have no respect for their parents and want everything on their own terms, so now that he has decided not to have anything more to do with his family ,they might never ever see him again- As a mother, my girl is going through Hell, but being HER mother, makes my heart break for her sadness that I cannot dispel ever. In the old days, kids had to knuckle down and accept the authority of their parents, but not now, and it's left a whole section of youngsters with the feelings that they have rights, and expect to be respected, but no idea that respect is earned and that treating your parents with respect, they in turn respect you and your suitable wishes. My grandson is a highly nervous child and I know that he thinks he is self medicating, but with the right medicines, his anxiety could have been lessened but he finds that doing illegal smoking is much more exciting and 'cool, so I despair of his coming home at any time soon.

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  1. I am SO FAR behind!
    I hope the courts give you what you are due.
    I also hope your grandson gets it together. I tell you, it's a strange world. There are so many tails wagging the dogs now, its a wonder any kid gets to grow up and be normal. You think you're doing your kid a favor by giving them what you didn't have or whatever, and all it does is cripple them and rob them of coping skills. The world is a strange place to grow up in.
    Now I'm going to read the rest of your posts!