Tuesday, 26 June 2012

my hundreth blog[ 100]!

I was just watching the Real Housewives of New York, and its mindless trash, but still an interesting people watch programme. The girls were going to have an at home girl night, and one of them range to say their husband would be coming with her!! Amazingly the others didn't say no, so she took it as an agreement and bought him along! One of the other guests who had not known the husband was coming threw a fit and was most ill mannered and left half way through the meal..

So, would you expect a man to be on a girls night out!!? I certainly would not, and would not even expect my husband to ask if he could come along.. We live separate lives as well as close together times, so we have our own spaces when we need to.. this wife would have said, and did say, ah well, their marriage isn't as close as mine is!!! Ah, but is this closeness or control!! What do you think?

I am also sitting here having watched another programme where the young people got their clothes off and did discreet lovemaking, and it made me sad for those days when I would never think about defects of my body, just revelled in getting Au natural with my darling and having a great time.

Now I am aware that at my great age, you are not expected to have feelings like this, ha ha, but the old body is not what she used to be and I do miss her**. After five children I have slipped lower and lower and all is different now.

I remember how my breasts felt after I had fed my first child, and they felt different to the touch , but you can get used to anything.. so it is with my body at the present time. I need to lose weight, I need to try and be more active,  but with two replacement knees a hip replacement and my bodily paralysis in parts, I don't have much going for me.

  I am not ready to give up the ghost, but my life has changed drastically since last year and the operations. I shall never be able to be sponateous again in this department, it rankles me that this is not my fault and no one cares.

oh oh, I am getting on the depression horse here, so I shall end this rant tout suite!!


  1. well, it didn't sound like a rant to me, just the truth. And I love when people tell the truth of who they are.

    We're all getting older and nothing is the same except what's in our hearts - that doesn't change. And yours is a lovely heart :))

  2. I think the woman was wrong to take her husband, if she didn't want to go without him, she shouldn't have gone at all. The clue was in the title, 'girl night.' I don't think it means they have a closer marriage than any of the others, in fact, it seems rather odd. In my opinion it suggests a lack of trust between the couple; I am sure they would disagree.

  3. I would not be too happy if my fiance came to one of my girl's nights. I didn't even take him to my 20 year high school reunion. I would be seeing all my old girlfriends and I didn't want to feel like I had to keep him from being bored, which he would have been. We have a good relationship but he is not invited to my girl's nights and I don't go with him when he goes out with his buddies.

    I don't watch Real Housewives but I do watch Dance Mom's. What a bunch of nutjobs. After watching them it makes me feel better about my own life.

    Congratulations on 100 posts!

  4. Many congratulations on the 100th post!
    Sadly, as we age all sorts of things change, but as long as we still love and give our hearts nothing else matters :o)

  5. I must admit to quite liking a lot of reality tv shows, mostly because I love to see how people interact and respond to things (even if some of it is probably a wee bit contrived!). As for the girl's night out, having a man around most definitely puts a dampener on things ... I had a friend who married and whose husband came along to everything, so things were never quite the same again. It really is an interesting question of closeness vs control, I think ...

    Congratulations on your hundredth post! and don't worry about ranting. I think it is brave to be so open and honest and besides, it's your blog so you can write what you like :) xox