Friday, 30 December 2011


This year has been very eventful for me.. I had two spine ops in May and they turned out terrible, so in the intervening months I have had to come to terms with a changed life ... I can still walk, but very slowly and I am able to take the dogs out, but the changes have been quite formidable... However I am a very up beat personality, perhaps I am too silly to bother, but I just put things on the back burner and get on with the present day of living.. so I take it one day at a time... As long as I can drive around and get about I am fine... I am angry how life is different, but its not the big C, so anything can be managed if it isnt.. I have been reading a blog by a girl who is in her twenties, and who was written off as a cancer victim, but she is blogging away despite all her troubles and she is quite inspirational.. She is planning her wedding in June despite the doctors' opinions... more power to her elbow I say!!! I have two of my darling children living abroad, one in Canada with her children and the other in Australia with his lovely son, having left behind a much older gorgeous son with his previous wife... it caused heartache but the telephone and skype helps , and one has to do what is planned on their particular life road, and his was going to Australia.  Although one says well its not far away, only 24 hours, it is 24 hours and a heck of a lot of money to get over there, so not quite as simple as it seems when you say it fast!!! We have had a hectic Christmas with seeing and speaking to everyone over the hols, but magic as well.. to be surrounded by family and loving friends is the best gift in the whole world, and too priceless to imagine..I hope that next year 2012 will prove a much happier and more relaxed year for everyone, despite the recession, its possible to be positive if one tries hard enough.... my eldest daughter said saving £25 a week would get a ticket to Australia quite quickly, so I shall see if that is possible to do and combine it with seeing my girl in Canada during the same time away... my husband is amazingly lenient at letting me take off for far flung places whilst he stays at home and looks after our dogs... wonderful man**

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