Sunday, 27 May 2012


11 Years ago, a little piece of my heart was broken off and travelled all the way to Canada! My darling girl with her husband and three year old son and dog, travelled to start a new life in Canada. She had already got a job to go to, and they were sure it was going to be the adventure of a lifetime.. which it has turned out to be..

They live in much better conditions than they could have found in UK, her job is better paid and more challenging and he found a niche where his actions were appreciated, and between them they live the dream! They have a lovely house, garden, neighbours and friends and rewarding careers that they love.

They also found time to have another child, a little girl called Caitlin who joined Callum 8 years ago this month.  All in all, they did the right thing, but I miss them so much. In the first few years I travelled out there a lot, and saw how she was getting along, and was reassured, but over the last few years have not managed to get back.. I must do soon, but my grandchildren do know me as they have visited England themselves without parents!

I loved visiting Canada, I loved the people and the way of life.. If I had to choose to live near children, I would probably pick Canada as it is a delightful place to live, especially if you have the income.but I guess that would be the same anywhere**  The summers are not too hot and the winters bearable.. When they first arrived they lived in British Columbia outside Vancouver, and that was a grand place to be. Now they live in Toronto suburbs, and the weather is a lot more extreme in winter, but its all too good to be true.. lucky them I say! 

When my children emigrated to Canada and Australia, my heart broke a little bit, but couldn't say to them don't go, it is their life journey not mine.. and besides, when I was young I thought of emigrating and never thought how my parents would feel, they would have given the freedom to me to choose, so I do understand my childrens' ambitions.. We all want what is best for our kids, and hope they can do better than we did..
 The only thing I regret is that financially I cannot whizz over when I want to.. my husband would not object at all, he's happy if I'm happy, but money is never easy when you are looking at retirement days..

I am so pleased and relieved  that their days are happy over there, and really 11 years is not long really, just a good amount of time to settle down and be part of their new country.


  1. Hello Janzi

    I understand how painful it must be to be apart from family. I immigrated at 20 yrs of age and know it must have been difficult for my parents. I returned each summer for a holiday. Like you, my mother wished the best for her children. Today I wish I could visit my brothers and sisters with more frequency. E-mail and reasonable long distance charges have helped

    Hope your day is bright

    Helen xx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog Jeannine. I will follow yours too :-)

  3. Hey Jeannine, What a beautiful post... I feel with you as I did the same to my mother and father... it wasn't easy for them to see us go with their grandchildren after they had taken care of them when they were young... it is so difficult for you I know... I love your attitude towards it all... keep trying to save as you wrote before and you can visit them in no time.

  4. I think it's hard in so many ways. We totally underestimated how often we would see each other,I love our new life despite the struggles and I would not want to return to Britain to live again. I love being able to call my mum and big kids free (Vonage) and they can call me at 1p a minute via 'Planet numbers' so talk is cheap! but it's heart wrenching when real visits end. When my youngest daughter arrived here last month, I saw how she had changed after 15 months. She was no longer my little girl~ she was a woman. I felt a pull in my heart. I always spend at least 10% of every conversation trying to convince them all to move out here! =D But like you say, we all need to live our own lives, and they love that they get holidays in Florida! You are only a phone call away from your kids, and trust me, I have moved mountains with a phone call or two when they have needed help with something. You are always there for them, always a phone call away. I understand how much you must miss your grandchildren~that will be my next hurdle. Take care, Sally xxx

  5. J, even though they are so far away, you are so lucky to have all of them. Of course, you know this and your writing shows it.

    Keep saving those pennies and soon you will be finding yourself on a flight to connect with your kidos.

    I am so happy that others have discovered your blog and are enjoying your writing. Lovely to get so many nice comments!

  6. What a very sweet post. What can I say, Canada is the best place to live....excluding winter maybe! It's interesting really, I have always wanted to live in the UK. My grandfather was from Bristol and I have always wanted to research my genealogy there...maybe someday I just might do that. Glad to be following you my friend. Diane

  7. You are a GOOD Mom. Strangely, only today I told a friend about this...32 years ago my husband and I visited my relatives in Canada, we had a truly fabulous holiday and both 'felt at home' there. When we came back we discussed emigrating and made our application, when some family members here found out there was hell to pay, tears, arguments and hysterics on their part. In the end we stayed in the UK, a descision I have regretted ever since. Now, it's too late, I have other commitments and am unable to even consider leaving. Your children are very lucky to have parents that are able to let them go and live their lives as they wish.
    Rose H

  8. what a good mother you are. your sweet post really brought tears to my eyes. My two daughters and my grandchildren live 400 miles away and it is too far for me. I miss them so much every day. I hope you are able to visit them all soon.
    Lots of hugs,