Thursday, 3 May 2012

What p..... me off!!

I sometimes feel   p.....d off with myself, but mainly it is the husband who makes me wince!!

Today in the bathroom, or throne room, as some call it.. I was sitting looking around, when I espied the hand towels. They are nice and fit well in the colour scheme,but they were hanging drunkenly off the radiator.. I knew it was the fault of my husband as he finds he just cannot put them back as I do!! I flick the other side of the towel, down the back of the radiator so it doesn't fall off.. he however folds it up and stuffs it onto the top of the radiator, which leaves it hanging awry or it falls off altogether when he closes the door!! 

I asked him later sitting down in front of the fire[ yes it was that cold and damp we had to have a fire!!] what he finds so annoying about me, and he couldn't come up with an answer... Ha ha, and you have to believe me it wasn't that he was afraid to say!

 I know that I am a so so housekeeper, it does get mightily untidy sometimes as my energy levels have not been marvellous this year, but I do make an effort when it gets so I am ashamed of the mess and then it all looks wonderful again..

 I said to him that living with me must be a nightmare after the perfect wife he had in his first marriage.. The one that was a cordon bleu cook, and ironed everything and put it away for him to find ,, the one who kept his charming house swept and hoovered and clean and dusted every day .. of course their house was smaller, but she was just like all the other suburban wives I swore I would never be like!! When I got married, I was a hippie, living in London in Portobello road, surrounded by like people.. I swore I would not need a timetable or fixed routine to get my things done, it would all happen by happening!!

 Ha, well that didn't last once I had my first baby.. that child needed to be seen to and a routine had to be worked out, and I had to do things by the clock if I wanted to stay on top of it all... so that meant for the next 36 years the clock was my master and boy did it have a great time ordering me around!!! I say 36 years because that was the length of time it took for me to have a Christmas alone with husband and not with any children around=- 
So now I am master of my own time, and things get done when they get done, but I do try to keep a semblance of order.. Meals are usually at the same time, housework is done , beds are changed regularly and washing machine turned on to keep the place and clothes clean. However the ironing, which once I used to enjoy, is a bind in spite of it only being for two people, and that really does p.. me off...
However for my dear  husband to say he couldn't think of anything that really got up his nose was quite a surprise to me and a nice one too... We don't seem to have heavy arguments, even when I get a moment of telling him how fed up I am with not socialising much or going out or travelling... he smiles and waits for me to stop ranting..

When I am looking at all the blogs, most of the people are younger with younger husbands who willingly get on and do the bits and pieces for their wives.. me, I have to work and work at it until he thinks its his idea and it gets done.. haha...

All in all, I guess that after all the hard younger years when bringing up the children and having a husband that was difficult, I am entitled to a little bit of lee way on organising my days.

And not to forget that  despite the fact I was not a great housekeeper, cook or person and played it all by the seat of my pants, my kids love me and that's what really counts.. life is too quick to sweat the little stuff they say... that's sooo right- so I shall stop agonising over the bl...... towels and set them straight again as I always do and say nothing to him..

I said it tonight, so that will do forever now!!


  1. oh Janzi... While reading your post, I felt as if you were talking about my husband... I had to say something over and over again and yet it never got done... please place bottle caps in the bin and clean up the area where you made a sandwich.... Please put some water into your used dish before the extra bits dry up and it become hard for me to wash... or why not spend a minute washing your own plate? No I stay quiet until I am about to burst again and it comes out... he does it twice and then he is back to his own self again and being a working mom just means that I come home tired as he does but still have to contend with all this... I keep having to tidy up after him... oh boy... so I relate to you. keep strong and hang in there :) Big hug!

  2. Oh too funny, guys do things differently that's for sure!

    Thanks so much for the nice note today,
    xxx dj

  3. Heh, what is it with men and towels? My D always seems to bunch his bath towel up on the rack and then complains that it doesn't dry properly! These days I just straighten it out myself rather than having the discussion :) I have to say that apart from that, he is pretty good, but I have had to relax a little and try to stop being so fastidious about everything (which I really am!). That part is still a work in progress :)

  4. Well, sounds like you are pretty lucky. And have a lot of fun. K>

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...

    I had the same thing with the husband and the towels early on in our marriage. I thought, What's so hard about hanging it up? I griped a few times, and then realized it had no effect, so I decided this: if it bugged me to pick it up, I would leave it on the floor; if it bugged me more to leave it on the floor, I would just pick it up. I did the latter, it took two seconds, and I stopped griping. Low and behold, shortly thereafter the husband began to do it of his own accord!