Sunday, 29 April 2012

We all went to the ZOO today.!

Today was my friend's birthday to celebrate her sixth decade. As she is chairwoman of the Zoo, we had a special room for the reception and lunch. There were all the friends and work mates together, all getting along like a house on fire.. marvellous food, lovely drinks and just everything was perfect.

Then after lunch we were escorted around the zoo. Despite the wind and the pouring rain, I can honestly say it was the best Sunday afternoon we have had in a long time. Whilst I do not like seeing creatures in cages, this was all very carefully designed and their main project is saving animals from extinction, so it is a zoo with a difference.

After we had been battered around a bit, and seen many animals all happily minding their own business, we returned to the room, where Tea was waiting..
 Sitting down  to eat cakes or savouries,we had a projected film of my friend's life and achievements and then speeches, and then it was time to return to our furry family.
We were a bit worried as we had been away for over 4 hours, in fact it was close to 7, but the marvellous little ones, did not let us down and were still clean.. although they did make a mad rush for the door outside!!

I see its almost another week since I last blogged, and although I do have a lot of thoughts, not many have got as far as a blog... so this little snippet will have to do until I get bolder again... and start pouring out all out again, but the moment is not here yet... so thanks for reading, have a good week, and lots of love and caring shared**


  1. Your day sounded marvellous, and in a zoo. I'm like you in that I don't like to see caged animals but I do think some zoos have it right. At least some animals are safer than in the wild, and well cared for.

    Ahahah, afternoon tea, isn't it wonderful. It's always a treat to come home and not find any piles or puddles. Our little Sookie is passed that stage too.

    Have a great week My friend!

  2. What a great day you had... what kinds of animals did you see and where they out in the pouring rain as well?... I agree with you about seeing animals in cages... it tears me apart but as long as they are trying to save the species, then that is ok and probably the only way...
    Hope to see you write more... hope the rest of your week is just as perfect.

  3. It sounds like a lovely day out, which zoo did you go to?

  4. That sounds like a lovely day! You write beautifully - so descriptive - it's always a pleasure to read regardless of the frequency! x p.s. Your "furry family" sound exceptionally well behaved!

  5. Janzi,
    I have tagged you today. Get your thinking cap on, no excuses, I want to know everything!

  6. Janzi,
    I absolutely loved your answers to my questions. It is so interesting to learn more, you have led a wonderful life and I agree, when I was tagged it was so nice to remember.

    If you click the link on my post today to see my responses to being tagged, you will see that I shared my answers on my blog. Would you do the same? It would be great for others to read. I probably should have explained this and the fact that you should nominate 3 others to tag to answer questions you would like the answers to. It would be a cut and paste job for you.

    I do understand if you don't have the time. It was great to know. And you ancestor was Chopin - wow!
    Much Love