Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Whats in a name?

Choosing a name is most important, and can make or mar a person for life... so it is a quite important choice to make.  I have decided to change the name of my blog to Rosie Dayze. 

 It was only after my mother died that I got to know her real name. All the time I knew her, for well over a lifetime, to her friends and family she named herself Rosina. To her family and my father she was Rose. I thought that that was the shortened version, but it was not correct. When we had to register her death we had to find her birth certificate too, and there on it in bold script were the words  Rosie Dunning.. when all the time I thought she had been called Rosina Dunning and later Chopin when she married my father. What a surprise that was to me and my brother!   For a long while her dream had been to become an singer of arias and opera. She learnt them by heart, never being able to read music and she sang all over England on the radio during the war. Even her passport said Rosina Chopin.. she I guess she chose the name a long time ago and really had forgotten her birth name was just Rosie!  Of course its not unusual, just surprised me that's all.

[ Anyway I cannot talk, when I was ten years old I decided the spelling on my name was not what I wanted, so I added another N to my first name and then two accents to my second to make it more french and completely dropped the third christened name I was given as I didn't like the name Martha.. after my mother's mother... so I too made changes at a young age !].

As you do when little ones are expected, you go through all the names and between you decide which ones might be suitable when baby arrives.. along the way the discounted names pile up...' oh no knew a girl with that name, didn't like her much..'. or 'no a boy at school had that name and he was a drip!'- so finally having weeded out all the names you dislike, you arrive at one which both of you can like.. at least we try to ..

My first baby all the time I carried him, was going to be called Sheldon James, and then when he arrived and I looked at him, he got to get the name of Daniel Francis.. completely different... Rebecca Louise was going to be Annabelle  Mary, and the my second daughter arrived, and her name was all chosen,[ and I still love that one]... Laura Elizabeth... 'oh no', my mother said,' that won't do'** so for four days she was just baby Bradley.. no name.. then it came to me in the night lying there in the hospital
[ yes we stayed in longer those days!]  Gabriella Maria, and I would call her Ella after you know who!
Of course she ended up being called Gaby and never anyone called her Ella!!  Christopher Martin was called after a cricketing commentator, and John Joseph after a jockey.... see, by then we stopped all the trauma and just went with one choice and made it much easier ha ha-

This long meandering musing is to say why I have chosen to rename my blog...a second title.. Rosie Dayze... Rosie after my mother, and Dayze which can be interpreted anyway you wish [ though  these days I rarely get high!!]- it will gradually expand to not only having me ranting on, but as I get better around the blog and can pin up pics from other places of interest and maybe show my bargains that I collect and then wish to sell on.. maybe even open an etsy shop.. its all early days yet, and Sawley Express is such an ugly name for all that...

so to reach me, will still be Sawley Express, but subtitled Rosie Dayze... at least that's how my daughter in law said it works..

I certainly . hope it does as I do not wish to lose all my lovely followers and my blog reading list that I love to delve into!!

Now, having got that out of the way, there was an article written in yesterday's Daily Mail newspaper over here in the UK, that caused a lot of fuss.. In it, a woman writer decided to tell the world how life had been so easy for her as she was so beautiful people fell over backwards to help her in all sorts of ways... but the down side of being so beautiful was the hurtful jealousy of females in the work place and around her !!!
She also had the temerity to put her picture up to be judged...  Now they have unleashed all the comments on twitter and face book and around the media, and so, she was quoted today, saying that the backlash only shows how right she was in holding her views!¬!

There is also a saying that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.... which in her case means she is clearly deluded.!!! Yes she has a reasonable face, and blond hair and regular features,.but she is not Helen of Troy... nor ever likely to be chosen as a true beauty... so what on earth was she thinking by doing this article?

It is true that good looks open many doors... when I was young, I was considered  good looking and I know I got a few jobs on my looks, but I would never have chosen to comment about how it helped,nor how other women didn't invite me to meet their husbands or boyfriends.. that was somehow not on my radar... I developed lovely girl friends as I became an adult and I still have those friends today who knew me before I grew up and I never felt they resented me in any way because they all looked lovely too...

Youth does that, it brings out the shine and bloom in your face and body that is part of the attraction to the opposite sex as long as nature has been around... so yes it helped, but it wasn't anything I expected to happen because I looked the way I did, unlike the thoughts expressed by this writer yesterday!! What are your views on this??

Maybe it was just the way she expressed herself badly, but I do not think so, I think she truly does believe she is beautiful and that is why women resent her...
Good looks do open doors, but so does personality, energy, positiveness and outgoing spirits too-  no one need feel its not going to work because' I am not perceived to be beautiful '... beauty also is within... sometimes so deep we struggle to find it but it is there, just give it a chance... sometimes the plainest person will have a lovely voice, gorgeous hair, singing voice, elegant hands and feet,.lovely  even teeth, a perfect figure, but all of this is nothing without a very loving and kind heart to go with it...

 that is the true beauty... seeing the best in everyone and helping who and where you can and then you will see that there are a million ways to be beautiful and  loved for just being who you are within yourself ...
and if you are busy being that person, the doors will open for you too wherever you go, all people will admire your efforts and be helpful and there would be  no one in the whole wide world that would resent you or be spiteful  and make comments about you, like this woman writer in the Daily Mail yesterday***

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  1. That was so interesting. I didn't know you named one of your daughter's Gabriella. If you remember,in my first posting I spoke of my daughter who had passed away...her name was Gabriella too.

    I like this new image, but the old one was good too. Hope you will find ways to post some of your finds...I've got to get back to posting. But I get so distracted by shiny

    Yes, I thought she was a bit off on her perception. But it made me feel sad for her that she see's herself so different from how others see her. To each his own I guess. But you are right , inner beauty is soooo much more important!