Tuesday, 10 April 2012

one hundred years- what if we knew in advance?

Its almost one hundred years since the fated Titanic Ship set sail on her maiden voyage. All the greats were on board including the owner of the actual Shipping Line. Below decks were the lesser mortals who were seeking a new life in America.  They must have worked and jostled very hard to get on board, because although they were kept below deck, I bet the fare was higher than in other ships.. especially as this was the maiden voyage.

A whole new life  and opportunities must have been in their hearts as they set sail. 

Whenever a disaster like this happens, be it in the air, on the ground or at sea, I always think that the people had bought their own tickets to die.. what a horrible thought that is, but it is true.. Just like I said to my dad one day,  in the future a day will be connected to your death, that that day will be your anniversary just like your birthday.. which is another weird thought but true.
Would all those people have bought their tickets knowing in a few short days their lives would be over.. not sure... some might have taken the chance to see ... but not many I bet... Life is so strange, if something or other happens, would, or could it have been changed say by being late, missing the train, or just changing your mind?

When Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, he already had a lovely family and his wife was expecting again. In her first trimester, I thought she would surely lose the baby with all the grief and pain, but she did not and that baby is now grown u p - 

Little did I know that my own family had a similar thing happen.

 My great great Grandfather married  and was working in India. One day, two years or so, after the marriage and already the father of a little girl, he and his wife must have had a terrible row, as he decided to commit suicide! [. This in the days when suicide was totally a no no, when the church said it was a terrible sin.. you could no longer be buried inside the churchyard for committing it...] so whatever the row was about it must have been major.. because he left the house, went into work,  and took an overdose of laudanum, told his colleagues at work, was rushed to hospital where his mother and brothers attended him as he died. He was 27 years old. He died not knowing that his wife was already three months pregnant - or maybe he did and this was in some way what the row was about... anyway, she carried the baby to full term and then died herself a few days later, both children were then brought up by other relatives..  What a sad story and yet, she held on to that baby who then became my great grandfather!

Life is so hard to predict.. would they have changed what was said that day.. knowing the outcome, maybe..  I really don't know why I started this train of thought... a hundred years sounds a long time, and yet, look how fast my 60 odd years have flown by..
Hmm- what would I like to see happen in the future.. NO WARS that would be one high on my list.. LOVE everyone in all shapes and sizes would be another.. The funny thing is, I bet that if we really did have Aliens arrive on this planet, we would have to stop all the fighting and combine our efforts in order to either work with them, or fend them off and away... Wouldn't that be something.??
 I do remember when the space craft was lost the other side of the moon, the Whole World  said a prayer, held its breath for those brave men to come back safe to earth, and they did... the power of communal thought.. is much much stronger than we think it is... I personally believe that that is what brought them home...

So in a hundred years, what will be happening.

Hopefully all wars will have stopped. 

That the earth is not getting hotter and that we have found a way to keep us with water, light and energy to make us all able to live easily and happily.

That communication being so fast will achieve harmony between us all... that there will be very very few below the poverty line and that we can all love each other..

actually what does that mean.?

that families because they are not driven by a need to survive will last longer together... that divorce will not happen as much to split families, that having enough food light water and ability to look after themselves the human race will stop and smell the roses and appreciate exactly how lucky they are to be living on this wonderful planet.  I know that in a hundred years I shall not be alive any more, but my children's children will, and I want them and their generations that follow, to have  a much safer and happier life and live along side others without fear.. WE have to get it right, so future generations will be able to know peace and safety instead of strife and fear... Even if you don't believe in religion, you must know that communal thought is so very powerful and that must be exercised in greater and greater  ways, so we are all thinking the same thing... Peace and Love like Lennon said, Will change the world.

Can we do it over the next hundred years,  I do so  hope so!!

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  1. "the power of communal thought", brilliant, Janzi.
    I often think that it is one of the most powerful forces on earth too. I suppose that is a bit what the whole Twitter thing is showing us via its power to influence revolution and justice. Just hope we humans can use it for good and spread love and acceptance with it.
    Very interesting post today, thanks for the food for thought :)