Saturday, 14 April 2012

I could get intimidated

Whilst I do love this blogging lark, when I look at the other blogs with so much to impart I could get intimidated-!

 There are so many people of all ages and levels, who impart so much knowledge in their blogs. I would love to be arty crafty and able to make things to sell online.. Or do photographic sessions where you encapsulate a person's life at that moment.. or write poetry that sings out loud and reaches deep into the heart.. Or just being able to grab an old piece of furniture and turn it into a real thing of beauty with an injection of colour... all the effort that goes into doing all these things, its mind boggling..

All I have to offer is my random thoughts about various things and decisions I have made over the years. Truly I never thought that I thought so much, until I decided to write it all down!!
Who would have known that it would have become such a lifeline to me as I anticipate closing my business and finally accepting retirement. There are so many things I would like to do, and blogging world inspires me to try.

When one used to go for job interviews, they would ask a simple question such as - How do you see yourself in five years time? What will you have achieved, what are your goals? 

If I put this  question to myself what will the answer be?..

I would like to have my health back and everything working as it should be.. that Cauda Equina is not my illness after all..

That my angina is gone and I stop getting short breathed

That I am back to my young weight when I didn't know what a spare tire was!

That I am living without debt in a smaller but pretty house with no mortgage and able to take holidays when I wish to.

That I can visit my son in Australia and daughter in  Canada without thinking of the expense.

That I can make money somehow in doing things that I like, like buying and selling items I have found.

Get my singing voice back.. it was a high soprano, but now I cannot get the notes.. its all got too rusty..

That my dogs are fully trained and obedient and a pleasure to have around without jumping about.

that  my husband and I are able to live closely together in harmony and get out and about together much more.. he is too much of a home body at the moment!¬

That my children have more children so I can spoil them all rotten!

Looking at all the above, all of it except for one or two , is achievable, its just that getting started is where I do get intimidated, and that shouldn't be,  aseverything else I do in life is  at full charge- so these things can be done, just taking the first step is always the hardest..

I think the first big step I have taken is doing this blogging and finding the community, now I just have to try harder and get going on my journey again..

When you are young it is so simple isn't it? Just go ahead and do it... well of course that doesn't change, just the will to do and not worry about consequences.. If I'd thought about all the hours and responsibilities I would have to be involved in,  in having children I wouldn't have had any* But somehow poor or not, we muddled through and they are all grown up now..

So, first step is visualising what you want to happen next. then put that at the back of mind and it will all bubble away on the back burner leading you to do different things that help the goal get achieved.. 

In the 60's I read a book called Bring Out the Magic in your Mind.. I did all that it said and within 6 months I was installed in the first of our houses that we owned, through a mortgage, but no more renting for us!

 IT DOES work this visualising, just that I am bad at remembering to carry it on when I get a goal achieved.. stupid aren't I?

 So the firstbig thing this year is the discipline to keep going and not get intimidated by all that needs to be done-  watch out I am coming!!


  1. Stupid, you are not! Thoughtful, yes. Insightful, yes. Filled to the brim with dreams and ideas, YES!
    I have no doubt you can do anything you want to - or need to.
    Rock on, Janzi :)

    Love the pretty rose background!

  2. Great post. You have amazing goals and I can't wait to see you achieve each and every one of them. Just do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and none of us is getting any younger, so time is wasting. Hugs, Marty