Monday, 23 April 2012

What book heroine are you in your head!?

I saw that someone had posted they were the heroine Emma from Jane Austen.

  For me, my answer would be Jo in Little Women by Louisa M Alcott..

I loved that story and read it when I was about ten years old.. Her character stayed in my head and I identified with her even then. I was the tomboy that climbed trees, chased around with the boys in the road, and generally was a real loss at being girly girly. I lived up on our cherry tree in the back garden. It had a huge big bough that I was able to sit on easily, tie reigns to it and pretend it was my horse that carried me off onto adventures all over the world. 

The boy who lived in the house behind our wall ,taught me how to make a noise with the bicycle wheel, by sticking a piece of hard paper or cardboard and it would be making a clicking sound as you rode the bike. I went with them to the river where they had made a huge not of rope and tied the other end to the branch high up of a tree, that you could sit on and swing right over the pond... I read boys adventure stories all the time, and when I was ten, my mother decided that my hair that summer was going to be short, so she took me with my brother to the barbers and I had a short back and sides like him!! I was mortified, I didn't mind playing with the boys but didn't really want to look like one.. but with the hair and shorts and shirt I did!!

Jo, too in the story was a little on her own, despite being surrounded by a loving family she did feel different and want different things than her sisters, and wanted to write and be her own woman, so I really felt connected to this character, and I guess that has continued to the present day..

 Jo is strong, forthright, clear in her mind about what she wants, and when life knocks her down, she gets up quickly again.. which is what I do try to do... so I am Jo and forever will be, even though that was my nickname at home, in my heart I was that girl, nickname or not.. 

So, my followers, who would you choose as your heart heroine!!???
Do tell..


  1. yes. definitely jo. hands down. i relate to her impulsiveness, her ambition, her impetuousness and her passionate loyalty.

  2. Jo, for sure. I was also Black Beauty (I can be a horse, can't I?) and I loved Mowgli, in The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling's wonderful tale. Disney ruined that story. Those animals didn't talk!!!!

    Then there's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind...

    The original bad girl.