Monday, 23 April 2012

It takes time to filter your thoughts doesn't it>>

It is exactly one week since I had my fall, which I didn't think hurt much except for some grazes, but then half way through the week I started to have some hip pain, which I thought might have happened because I was kicking the ball for Millie to chase when we were out in the woods.. It is now a whole week later that I have decided that the fall might have been something to do with it,. and anyway it isn't painful anymore, so that's alright .. But thoughts do take a time to filter through.. It so happens that it works well with the Man, I give him a thought and then about a week later he suggest it to me as one of his own, and things actually happen.. but I have to be patient whilst it filters through his mind!

As I have mentioned before, when we moved into this place it was a vast space to fill up and for the first year or so, I was out at antique shops, markets, and fairs to find bits of furniture that would suit the house.
When that need was filled, I turned to seeking out collectibles, that would look nice on the sideboards or tables.. To go along side photographs that I had printed from old pictures, showing our families through the ages. Of course once I started this search lark, could I stop??

No sirree- it got to a stage[ which is now,] that I have to find and cast aside items that have overflowed the house. The Man said the other day[ one of my thoughts...] that we had to seriously consider what we want to keep and what we want to sell and what we will give to Charity.. What did he think I was on EBay for I wonder>?

Anyway it means now that having had this thought he will also contribute and find stuff to pack ready to get rid of .. before it was just me trying to create a pathway through.. its good he has had this thought!

I have been so inspired by the pictures in bloggland, that I have another decision  to follow.. I have been hankering after another way to keep myself occupied as I slowly close my recruiting business, and I love to sell..[ Must be inherited from my mother's family who were coster mongers in London at the turn of the century...]

 For a while I have found EBay a reasonable way to get my items sold, although it seems I pay EBay more than I get to sell,.. but its been fun and again another whole new world that opened to me.. its been amazing the nice people I have met along the way..

However I do prefer the face to face interaction and I am going to go back and do marketing on a stall..

 Before I had my fourth child, I did have a little market stall where I sold second hand children's items, and that was great fun. I got the stock from adverts in the papers, and then sold on, but when I got pregnant with Chris my number four baby I stopped doing it and never went back. Sometimes I do do Car Boot sales, but not recently, because I have been recovering from my ops...

 So now I am getting all juizzed up again thinking about doing it again, this time at Vintage Fairs, and they hold them in Birmingham on a regular basis, so will check that out and see where it leads..

 This thought has been going around my head for at least a year, and now I am going to make it happen.. Next Saturday will check it out and then get myself geared up to do on a regular basis.. cannot wait..
In the meantime I shall see all my blog people and watch what they are doing and feel so happy that I am part of this community , its so special, and very much appreciated..

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