Friday, 25 May 2012


Yesterday I had a super day.. it shone all day, I was in good health , met my friend for tea in the gardens over the road, and had a lovely evening too.. It was sweltering hot, but never mind, I had a lovely day- and I was happy to get wishes from all over the world from friends, family and bloggers... how lucky is that!!

Yesterday of course was also the title of a song by the Beatles.. they wrote songs that have lasted all these years and never dimmed or got old.. they wrote in fact with wisdom in many ways.. That other one.. When I'm 64, makes me laugh because I am now older than that and at the time it came out, I was so young, it seemed to be so far in the future that it could have been a time on Mars!!

Yesterday I watched a programme of Hoarders, people that over the years have hoarded items no matter how silly, and surrounded themselves to give them a feeling of control,. but what eventually happens is that the person gets overwhelmed and the houses and the rooms in the houses fill up higher and higher with things they cannot bear to throw away.. It seems to cause them physical pain to do so, of course this is a mental ailment, but one that I can see could be a thing that creeps up on you without you realising it..

As I watched, I realised that all of us have a bit of hoarder in us.. I know that over the past 22 years I have haunted the charity shops to buy items that I could never afford in the years of bringing up the children in my first marriage.. I went a few times to charity shops then but not often as I do now and very few times actually found anything I wanted to take back with me.. Now however I am visiting them at least several times a week.. It could be because there are more of them now, back in the 70's there really was only Oxfam.. but I find that I have got items that I could only dream of owning new**

 It brings me joy, but collecting or hoarding doesn't take much to slip over into an obsession.  I sat back and thought about clothes I never wear, Items I have placed in drawers because I have changed the look of the rooms.. bedding that rarely gets used, and thought ha.... Discipline needs to be in place here... whittle it down until there it is placed in a proper usable space and not just hanging around waiting to be used..

So that is my task today... to clear today, what yesterday's  items I accumulated.

 I will let you know how I get on, but right now I have to get dressed and get the day started and then all my yesterday's  things that I don't use, or want anymore can be found a new life and all will be less cluttered  again!

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