Saturday, 26 May 2012


My deepest happiness is when one of my children speak to me.. out of the blue they call, sometimes they catch me and it is magic all over again.  When they were new borns and I looked at them, watched their faces as they slept or woke up seeing the world around them, I  used to imagine how it would be when they were talking all the time.. then watching their first efforts to communicate, when they first said Dada, then mumma, was so delightful each time, the first time.

As they grew older, their voices became less high, and deeper and more modulated, and finally I hear their adult tones when they speak to me now - it never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge they have, and what I can learn from them. But the best days are being taken by surprise and picking up the phone hearing their voice. 

Because I have three sons and two daughters, I usually am right when I connect the voice with the person, but sometimes I get it wrong-- Like when the daughters or sons are calling and they sound just like my babies, but its another generation calling!!

Yesterday I picked up the phone and heard my first born calling my mobile all the way from Australia to see how I was after my birthday.  We chatted a long time, caught up on all sorts of bits and pieces, and then I spoke to Griffin, my latest grandchild who is two and half and I haven't seen him since he was three months old.. [they keep my memory alive by pictures and talking about me], so he comes online and wishes me happy birthday and tells me what he has been up to at his preschool... he sounds so Australian it is so amazing and sweet and heart catching.. we have a long chat, at least he does whilst I am trying to decipher what he is saying.. then Daniel comes back on and we chat so much more before finally ending the call.. It made my day so perfect and complete..

Just now I picked up the mobile and it was my last child calling me from Leeds where he lives.. he is sitting in the garden enjoying the sun and decided to call his mum....his deep tones I connect with at once and hear all his news and what's been happening in his life and how he is feeling today.. because he is feeling so good, he calls his mum,, how about that eh**

My other boy calls me regularly too from London where he lives with his darling wife, and my two daughters call up to touch base at least once a month, so I am very lucky and feel happy that we all remain connected..

Happiness is in the little things like a phone call.. one where there is maybe a lot to say, or not much, just connecting and feeling the strength of the family heart that beats for all of them..  All my boys actually sound a lot like their own father, and my girls have my same tones and colour in their voices.. Despite living in Canada for over 11years,my Gaby still speaks with her English accent, although her husband and son and daughter all speak Canadian!!
Rebecca and her children all speak with London type accents, due to her husband's way of speaking, so not quite the rounded vowels that I have when you hear my voice.. it is proper English, some might say posh, but I think its less drawled than that..

Its already 2pm, there is a wedding going on at the church just outside our back garden, the bells are ringing out, the sun is shining, and hot, the bride is beautiful,the groom handsome, the guests many, and everyone there to wish them happiness as they start off on their life journey together... what else could complete this day than to see that.!!!

 I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, that you feel a little bit of the happiness that I am sending to you to share..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  1. Firstly I hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
    Wow, you children are spread across the world, you must miss them. I miss mine dreadfully but look forward to every phone call too. My little ones no longer speak with a British accent. They are totally American now! So cute.Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you live in a lovely place , Sally xx

  2. Belated Happy Birthday greetings!
    What a sweet post with such wonderful sentiments :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H