Sunday, 1 July 2012

WE only have around 6 months until the world ends.!!

This is the prophecy that was written by the Ancient Mayans.. that we should expect the World to end on December
21st 2012!!  There have been many occasions when the end of the world has been forecast, but this one is too near for comfort** 

REading a quote by Nora Ephron, the dear writing lady that died last week,.she said that although we all know death is coming, we deny it right until the last moment.. why is that you think!?  If we truly are going to go out in a mad flash bang on the days before christmas this year, what are we going to do with the remaining time we have now?

 I feel its too hard to anticipate such a happening, or I would be going mad trying to visit my kids on the opposite sides of the world and gather all the others to be near me as the day approaches.. They of course would be poo pooing the whole idea and think Mum's gone mad again,. she's off on one of her idea travels !!

Seriously though, I cannot think of what else to do except be a good person trying to help others when needed and trying to live a life less difficult. I have always lived with the idea of passing on kindness so that will stay..

[By the way I do not think that it includes sending money to far distant countries because their people are poor and neglected, as it seems  the money raised, usually goes to the corrupt people running the countries!

 Reading another article yesterday where it told of various african villages being chosen to be millenium villages, where money would be spent making their lives better.. A good enough idea of course.. reality has proved very different though..

They have ended up with pipes being brought to their villages, but in order to get them installed for a fresh water supply, the villagers are asked to give £10 per person to get the work done!!

In another village where there were promises to build a new school and hospital, they were left with a big pile of bricks, but nothing else... how is that going to help!? Its no wonder these poor people are left feeling let down after all the promises..

And its not that we haven't sent enough money, its been sidetracked all along the way, and they are still left in the same position... so that is not an area that I am supporting despite best wishes to them..]

So, 6 months.. not long is it.... I shall go and make sure my parents graves are attended,. They lived over 100 miles away from me, so I did not get down to the graves very often recently..that will change as I am going to go this month again. I shall try and live more aware of the beauty in each day and get back in touch with all those people that I have not contacted recently. I shall  examine my thoughts  to see what else I can do to make life better for those around me, and I shall try and live each day as if I have no others.. that will prepare me for the end on the 21st December, I think.. I just hope the Mayans were wrong in all this and that we have a lot more than 6 months of living left!!!


  1. Look on the bright side, you won't need to worry about Christmas gifts this year!
    I think you are right, we should all try to live the best we can and look out for others.

  2. I just hope 'it' waits until late in the day as my Mom will be 90 years old on that day!

    Rose H