Friday, 27 July 2012


I have just been reading the blogs that I follow., and one of them is a design guru. The thing is, she said that if something in the design looks a little off, and no matter how much you tweak it, reamians not quite right, then ELIMINATE- she said the word had to be in capitals, to remember and act by!!

Well, this is a very strong word, could be used in all sorts of conditions and areas.. for me it would apply to the scores of objects and material that I have collected over the years and which are waiting for me to have a 'light bulb' moment and be creative with!!
  I did choose my word DISCIPLINE as the one word I would live by this year, but so far it has eluded me in being able to follow!!! It keeps playing hide and seek with my mind, and I am not yet as clutter free as I would want, not followed a diet that had succeeded in dropping a few pounds from  my body.!!!...

Now I have found this really truthfully hard and wicked word... eliminate... eliminate all that is not right in your world, in your relationships, in your ways of seeing the world.. How to go about this?...

One word and so much power!!

where does one begin.?.. In my room as I sit typing this, I can see clothes scattered waiting to be folded and put away, paper work all over my desk awaiting the same routine of tidying and getting rid of... but here I am typing about it, and not actually doing anything realistically that would allow me to eliminate them!!

This has to stop... so in the next week I am going to eliminate everything that I have not worn for over a year, or books that have been read and stored any old way, cutting out things in my diet that I have allowed myself to become over fond of, and will see where it all leads...

 Meanwhile, another train of thought......

I hate that the weeks are flying by,... I read the other blogs where they are actually having the springs and summer times, that allow your internal battery to recharge... whilst here we have had the odd day of sunshine and heat, but its been sporadic and not really consistent... this last week has been hot, but now we are told rain is on the way for next week, and to prepare for another wet soddy rainfilled month.... what a place to live eh!!

Today is the start of the Olympics being held in London... I do hope it all goes well and that no aggrieved people  will turn it into something more sinister- with so many people gathered in one place I am sure that security is working overtime... and I really hope that these games will go towards this country being able to eliminate bad feelings and bring peace to all nations, if just for a short while whilst the games are going on..

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  1. Eliminate - a scary word. Maybe that's why so many of us have so much junk!