Monday, 5 March 2012

Off to see the Wizard

I am off to the hospital yet again** I swear that not a week goes by before I am setting off to see yet another so called specialist. When I get there, I have to wait to park, then walk slowly along long corridors until I get to the place I am supposed to be. Then another long wait until I am seen. When I do finally get to meet a person, they might not be the actual specialist but one of his juniors.. oh bliss eh? What I have is non curable, but they send me here and there to meet all these different people who are coming from the perspective of a normal person who has problems.. not one who was normal, and got the problems after the bloody surgery!!! I am so tired being moved from pillar to post. This afternoon is another jaunt into the valley of supposedly useful caring tactics.. ways to help me achieve an order in my life.. I know I shall be embarrassed, mortified by the examinations, and then told very little which will actually help me live as a normal person. My lower limb paralysis was caused by the operation to cure sciatica.. well, it didn't, and made it worse, as I have these difficulties and even walking was better before even with the pain!

Having ranted enough there, I will say that the sun is shining, its much cooler, but still smiling outside.. I shall wash and set my hair, change my clothes and get in the car to drive along the motorway to the hospital.. Hope I shall find a parking spot without too much waiting and also not have to walk too far..

  I have to get back into a routine that will allow me to do the latest ironing and now, my new skill of sewing!! This along with running my business, and time to walk Millie is taking up most of the day.. I hate being rushed, so I really will have to declutter my thoughts and get organised.. Maybe starting earlier might help..

Over these winter months, we have got very late in getting up.. We go to bed around 11, but not fully dressed in morning until same time!! This is because when John goes out for his run, he brings a cup of coffee to me, then when he comes back we have another coffee and sit around talking and generally wasting time, and the clock seems to whizz and suddenly its long after 10 and more close to 11!!! This is unheard of behaviour normally... is it a sign that as we wind down to retirement we are becoming more laissez faire in our behaviour... I don't want to stop and be like an 80 year old yet... so must change this routine quickly before it gets too late ha ha..

 As part of my de clutter plan I have just gone and bought a shredder to replace our previous one.. that was much bigger than the one I have bought home, although the new one certainly looked a lot larger judging by the pesky box... but it will do for my purpose I guess.. I will be relieved not to see so much paperwork hanging around.. loads of cv's and letters that can be destroyed safely now and get my room back to normal.. When I finally close the door on my business later this year, I will feel very sad, but then I plan to change the room into my activity room, and do my sewing and artwork here, so it won't be empty for long..

My time says I got to go, so everyone out there  have a great happy day !


  1. Janzi dear, I hope the journey and the day at the hospital were as easy as can be.
    I'm so glad you have your husband and cozy home to come back too, and that the sewing is keeping you busy and giving you something to look forward to.
    Even if you slow down a bit, you are nowhere near 80, darling. So enjoy your time together and relish the slowing down. You've put in your time. Now it's time to focus on new horizons.
    Thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling every bit as good as you can !

  2. may you find strength, friend. you're such an encouragement to me. thank you.