Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring day here with sunshine and budding on trees

A glorious Spring Day, just like the day when I went in to hospital to have my first child today. He now lives in Australia but with the current electronic magic, I was able to speak to him, text him and be part of his day and plans even though the miles separate us! It was majical, and made me happy too.  I was taken to hospital in the small hours of the 1st of March. The baby was calculated to arrive on the 27th of February, but he kept me waiting. My husband was home from university and doing his homework, and I was sitting on the couch, when my tummy went into a hard ball and then relaxed.. When it had been doing this for about an hour at regualr intervals I called the hospital and they told me it appeared I was in early labour, so they sent an ambulance to collect me* Those were the days... I felt quite a fraud as I walked out and they had to put the stretcher away.. Getting to the hospital, my  hushand was not allowed to stay with me so had to make his way back to the house on his own in the early hours of the morning.. I ws put into a cubicle and told to lie down and wait until the nurse came. I heard a lady crying and moaning aloud somewhere along the corridor and I remember thinking.. Oh this might hurt... it had not , until that moment actually occurred to me! Then I heard the baby cry and was pleased that all was well. I dozed off then woke up climbing mountains of pain.. they wheeled me in to the theatre to deliver.. every time they bought me a cup of tea the climbing mountain would start and I never did manage to drink it!  I can remember trying to get off the bed to run away, the drugs made me feel I was being imprisoned in a james bond movie, and I know I got one foot on the floor... finally they had to help the poor child by forceps and he was thankfully delivered safe and sound. He was taken away for bed rest for 4 days because of the trauma of forceps.. I lay awake the whole night despite a sleeping pill, thinking how clever I was and how wonderful we were a mummy and daddy* Next day husband came to see me and then go to nursury to see his son for the first time.. marvellous... and now that son is 45 today and has two sons of his own and lives the other side of the world!! Memories triggered by the sunshine of today brings it all back to me so vividly.

When Spring comes, it brings one a whole load of feeling hope that things might get better and this year might be better than last.. I certainly hope so for the last five years I have had several operations and none are scheduled for this year, hurrah* I love seeing the buds on the trees, the leaves of flowers poking through the earth, the smell of warm earth as the sun heats it, all go to a grand feeling of good happiness.

 Funnily enough though, my favourite time is Autumn, when all the trees have a last burst of colour before the leaves start to fall.. when the hues of the world are so bright and beautiful and again full of hope just before the winter arrives.. When I was small at school we had a place called' the woods'.. we would run out and play in these woods, tigg or hide and seek,,and when the leaves fell we found a way to construct little houses ... we would collect the sticks on the ground, place them against the tree trunck and then batten them down with leaves thickly pushed together, so we created a hut.. You were water proofed in there and could sweep the floors and make the earth hard and packed, and then decorate the inside of your own little house.. quite amazing to see the wood full of these little huts with girls playing happily in them re -creating little homes and being sublimely happy doing so.. I have never seen it done anywhere else, so don't know if other children did it, but it was most satisfying and then we would bring little bits and pieces from home to make it more homely... quite fascinating to remember those days.. in training for housekeeping I guess!!!! Probably thats why I like Autumn best the feeling of being in control of your own little universe.

I love reading the other bloggs on site, and one thing has struck me, how giving and sharing this blogging community is, and how much love and strength is shared.. what an amazing new world..  Writing about the day has caused me to neglect other things, so I must stop here and wish anyone that has read this, a happy marvellous spring day wherever you are in the world!

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  1. As always you evoke such lovely visions with your words.

    Yes, the internet is a marvel for things like communicating with those you love...and new friends!

    Have a lovely sunny day :)