Friday, 17 February 2012

Is this right?

I found this saying on a blog and I cannot remember her name[ I think it was on something savvy... I hope she doesnt mind me having it just now,] and it really did make me laugh, but there's also a grain of truth in it I am sure.
. I  do love when things are all neat and put away tidily  but after a day or so, when other fingers have been looking and other people have not put  items back-, the jumble returns. At work, my husband is the tidyest person I know, everything that comes in the post is organised and filed.. all the boxes and files of his clients are all neatly stacked away ready to reach out for when required. He has the added bonus of using two rooms in our house, one the main office is kept quite stark, and the other just off our first landing, is overflowing with all sorts of items that he will need at short notice but unseen most of the time..
 In my office, it is just bedlam... I never can find anything quickly and it is due to the fact that I also keep my ebay items that I wish to sell in the room too.. and they get in the way of the files and paperwork. Also I have noticed since my having all these ops, which started around 5 years ago, I simply do not have the will to do a clean sweep and get rid of so many things..

 I know that I said Discipline was going to be my big word for this year, but so far I am not proving very good at it!! I have been doing the ironing, but that seems to get bigger by the day, and I seem to be losing the battle to have it all put away on the shelves.. however where I fail the most is in my eating plans.. I start off each day willing to be good and follow the diet, and then I see some biscuits or a piece of chocolate and I am so lost again! If I was organised, I probably would set all the things I planned to eat, on a tray and eat from no where else.. but that is too robotic for me to really get to grips with..

If I was truly disciplined /organised, I would have money in the bank for savings,  know where all the invoices are ready for me at hand to do my VAT Returns every three months -would be able to put my hands on anything I needed to find instead of sitting and thinking trying to trace back where I last saw the item I am looking for!-  
 Its really odd that you only find out things about the people you live with after a long time. As I said, my  husband is very organised, he can put his hand on anything he wishes as soon as he thinks of it, he knows where it is..
I buy books all the time, new  or  from charity shops- I have so many that they spill all over the place, so  the other day my darling husband decided to help me organise the books, and away he went, placing the books neatly in the bookcases that we have.. Well, of course when I started to look for a book, could I find it?  My filing would be by sizes probably, not by subject as he had done... He got very upset with me, when I found my book and then put it back in the wrong place according to him**

I have a friend who is very very organised, and to the point that she repaints her house interior every 6 months, washes the carpets every fortnight, manages the house so it looks as new all the time, never a paper out to make a mess, is always glamorous when she takes her dog out, and never ever without makeup on.. Of course she is 20 years younger, does only have one daughter , and a husband who expects everything to look as new even if it is over 10 years in house... I am not sure that this way of life is because she chooses, or whether her husband expects it.. hard to say.. but if I was under that pressure I would be carted off to the asylum very quickly!!!.. I have enough things to think about without having all that stress of being perfect all the time!

Re reading all that I have siad above, I think this is a small form of rebellion- amazing thought this-.. When I had the children, my life was governed by the clock,.. everything had to be organised and put in its place day after day after day, the ironing had to be done and washing too, daily, the meals had to be planned and I had a huge calender that told me everything that the children needed to do or get for school times.. I was governed by that clock- meals were always at the same time, we left the house at the same time, we came home and did homework and cleared up at the same time.. Now I can lie in bed until late morning, I go out when I choose, I go to bed early or late depending how I feel.. so maybe my feelings towards organisational heaven has changed, and I'm somehow subconciously rebelling  ha ha thats a great thought and I'm sticking to it!

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  1. HaHaHa, that's a good thought. Nothing wrong with a little rebellion now and then. Keeps the cobwebs out of the mind!

    I think as we get older our priorities change too. Different things are important to us now, like leisure and pleasure and comfort...and dreaming. And Gemini's need time to dream, that's for sure!!!