Friday, 24 February 2012

Its Friday already again!

Once again I cannot believe how fast this week has gone.. where does all the time go to? when I was little a week was such a long time, didn't ever seem to get to the end, and now it just wiz's by.

 Time is such a strange thing. I remember when I was walking in front of a famous store in Kingston, Surrey, working out how a year looked in my mind.... there would be the months all coming together and gathered around until it was December and then Christmas and then there was a gap in the road until January started. It was drawn in my mind like a long walk, then a gate to get over to start the New Year again..

 Getting used to how time worked was hard too, when the grown ups would say,'I'll just be five minutes' I remember thinking that five minutes certainly seemed a long time.. In reality they were probably out of sight for more like half an hour but they said five minutes so that was what it felt like to me, a very very long time sitting in the car waiting from my uncle to return to drive us home.

 Being only the second child born in the family, there was my darling cousin Johny first, then me then my brother Chris.. After a gap of a few years, other cousins started to join our  family. For me then, those born in the 1950's would always be the babies.. and much younger than we had been.. funny really because they were only a few years younger, but we three felt very grown up indeed next to them! 

My Grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis, and was not very mobile, so when we all visited, the children were put outside in the back garden to play and the door was locked.. you had to stay out until it was supper time.. There wasn't much to do except climb  little walls and jump off, or play tigg, or blind man's bluff.. but we passed many happy hours all getting along together, with me and Johny and Chris the ones that were organising everything. The garden wasn't big, but we all played happily until we could get back inside..

Meanwhile the Uncles all were in the front room playing snooker, whilst the Aunts and Nana sat around talking and knitting and generally having adult time away from the children. I am sure that my aunts and mother enjoyed not having us bother them for a few short hours.

Friday was always the day we went as a little family to the cinema... we would watch the evening performance and then catch the train home. There was  one lady who ran the coal office near the station, who would be on this train back to home. But she always also caused such a commotion, as she was reeling around drunkenly.. heavens only knows how she got home safe each week, as she surely was completely out of it! But she did and we got used to seeing her being silly and ignored her behaviour.. However when we went to the Coal office  to order more coal for our house, she would be the picture of respectability and very prim and proper!. Poor lady, I wonder now what her particular sadness was that caused her to be like that every Friday.

 When it comes around to Fridays, its a sigh of relief that the weekend beckons, but for me its still getting everything ship shape  for we often have visitors, and I love spending time entertaining or meeting others.. This weekend, we have John's grandsons around to stay overnight tomorrow. We shall do lots of things together and they will love the time with us as we do, sharing time with them. However, Sunday afternoon we shall be glad to hand them back I am sure!!  We have got so used to being just us, now that all the children live away. It was hard at the time to see them fledge and fly away, but they all keep in touch, just wish they were closer. Now it is Friday evening and I shall go downstairs to make our supper, which has turned into a bit of a tradition, so we have Egg and Chips every Friday and it doesn't affect my non- wheat diet, hurrah!!

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  1. What a lovely description of your childhood. It reminds me of that film "A Child's Christmas in Wales" you know that one? Where the aunties and uncles sit around the fire playing cards and drinking brandy. I love hearing stories of your childhood.
    Hope you have a nice weekend with the little ones. I'll cross my fingers for sunshine so they can go outside for!