Sunday, 12 February 2012

mucking around

I've been mucking around today trying to get a better picture to headline my blog, but I have ended up with this, so it will have to do.. when my daughter in law comes over again I shall get her to try and find me a prettier outlook.

 I tried spray painting last night and what  a mess I ended up with.. my fingers were covered in paint and it was dark green.. took me all day to clean off! I certainly will have to practice this spraying lark!!

 Then a friend read my posts and said I was putting my whole life online which did rather put me off... I am sitting here just thinking online and don't think I am writing anything that I wouldn't want my family to read.. it did rather stop me in my tracks, her comments.. So I am stuck in a bit of muck wondering if she was right and if so what on earth shall I blog about.. I don't have craft or art things to display online.. will return to this musing  after I have had a while to think..........Well, I have had time to think[bout three minutes] and I believe that I don't need to be upset and annoyed by her comments and mustn't let her words stop me
so for all of you out there that care to come and drop by to read my words,.I shall overcome negativity  and carry on!!

Now back to ruminating in my time..

1 comment:

  1. Hello Janzi

    I for one enjoy reading your blog. You have a distinct voice and an enthusiasm. The posts will come. As my favourite art teacher told me "if you start it, you will finish it". Yes, please ignore the unsolicited advice and carry on.
    "If only one breed of bird sang in the words, life would be boring"