Monday, 13 February 2012

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

For the past few years we have hand made our cards to each other, but this year I actually went out and bought one specially for him... Tonight I decided to get it out ready for the you think I could find it? Oh no, having put it in a safe place, I had lost the damn thing!! Finally after many deep breathes to keep calm I located it and it is already to give him in the morning... Valentine's day is special to everyone who loves their husband or wife girlfriend or boyfriend, but we don't spend huge amounts on flowers or items or going out. We used to try and get out for a meal, but this year we have not arranged anything.. Apart from the card that is, but we shall spend time together and do things around the house together and in the evening I will make a special meal for him and then we might sit and watch a DVD. perfectly in bliss and no pressure**

Thinking as one does about romance and all the things that go with it, how the mad passion takes on a different hue when you have children, when you return home dog tired after working and commuting back home after a long slog at work, romance is hard to arrange and that is why people throw the towel in and admit defeat.. they decide they are not in love any more, that there are better things to do and people to see, so they divorce and then the whole situation happens again if they get into another relationship. Keeping romance alive is very very hard, but so worth the effort.. it doesn't mean buying expensive items or going out all the time,but showing the other person that you cherish them, showing them in a million little ways that they are important to you... something as simple as cooking their favourite meal or cakes, washing the car down instead of expecting the man to always do it..
When I am out and about, if I see anything that I know John might like and it doesn't cost too much then I will bring it back as a ordinary day gift, not because its his birthday, but just because I thought of him when I saw the object and knew he would like it..

So to everyone out there, may your Valentine's Day be happy and good and bring you love and peace together..

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