Saturday, 4 February 2012

Walking was cold this morning..

This morning, I took Millie out for a little walk around a place called Orchid Wood... whether there are any real orchids there I have no idea.. The ground was hard with frost and it was very bitterly cold... of course I had forgotten to bring a heavy scarf, and was only wearing one pair of socks, so I froze really fast.. Millie however was in her element even though I kept her on lead.. She has this dreadful habit of jumping up and kissing the person to death, she gets quite stupid... so I am keeping her on a lead at the moment.. its a shame as she loves to run, but John takes her out running every other day so I am not going to feel guilty.. we passed a lot of dogs that were running around, and as I passed a couple of people, I let them know why she was onlead.. the lady said 'I wouldnt mind her jumping up ,and then bent over to stroke her at which signal, madame jumped and jumped all over the poor woman who laughed as she got away, but she then undesrtood that Millie wasnt just a jumper but a kisser and licker too!
We had a lovely walk, but it took me ten minutes at least to thaw out my feet!

 John has just taken Reiver out for his run- its his turn today... he will collapse by the fireside for the rest of the afternoon when he returns.... Reiver that is, and probably John unless I get him lots of things to do around the house ha h.
.I am so happy back blogging, what did I do before I discovered it!!I just love looking at all the other blogs and seeing how people have got on that day.. the lovely things they have created and inspire me hopefully to get and get on with tasks I have to do, not nearly as artistic as them tho**Every Winter it gets cold, but for some reason the reaction is of surprise, even though its expected because it is winter time..I'm not sure I could live happily forever in a place without real seasons, like my friend does in Florida, it always seems to be summerlike there the whole year round.. that would freak me out I think. My son who is in Australia is coping with temps in the high forties, which would be unheard of here...( we would probably have hourly newscasts on the people dying from heat stroke,) but they all seem to take it in their stride over there... no wonder they feel cold in winter time when the temps go down to the twenties ha ha!!When Dan and Alex got married over here a couple of years ago, her family all wore cardigans as they felt the cold and it was in June and blazing heat (for us!!


This year I am determined to make an effort to de clutter... easy to say, but how to be ruthless.. When we moved into this house almost 15 years ago, we came from a large four bed house, but the furniture was not enough to fill all our rooms here, so I visited Antique shops and charity shops and gradually over the years managed to fill it out nicely... however I wasn't able to stop visiting and now on almost every surface there is something that is pretty or elegent, but totally useless... so I have to be hard to decide exactly what I want to retain... I could use a car boot sale, but its such a bore getting there and sitting all around waiting for a few pennies.. so I am going to bite the bullet and recycle the things back to the charity shops for them to sell on again... next week I am going to work on one room at a time, and take a before and after picture, that might make better impact on me doing it** They say its Spring Clean time, so I am going to make that time work for me, so that by my birthday in May it will all be done and de cluttered.. I know I cannot rush it and do it all in a week, but in manageable bit sizes I should get it done.. of course in a ideal world I would have also decorated, but decluttering is enough for me to get going on at the moment... Yesterday I made three loaves and various cake buns, so don't have to bake today, will go out later to the shops and get some packets that I ordered, then return here before the snow we have been told to expect starts to arrive... Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday too!

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  1. And a happy Saturday to you too, Janzi. Gosh, I would love to be your "helper" when you are sorting out your treasures. By helper I mean, "oh, I'll take that, and that, and that"...I am bad as you and got a laugh when you said "however, I wasn't able to stop"! Sounds familiar.
    What are "various cake buns"? I'm just going to have my morning tea and I'm sure I'd love one of them.
    Have a lovely day!