Sunday, 5 February 2012

wasting time

I just hate to waste time, and like a lot of other people, mainly women I think, I do several tasks at once.. this is why I have many times left the bath on and its overflowed with disasterous results in the kitchen below and all the electrics! However today I was clearing up the kitchen and wiping things down and decided to think about my mother, whom I still miss dreadfully although she died almost 10 years ago this March. When she died, it was sudden and unexpected and for years as she was the healthier of the two parents, we thought it would be my dad that would go first as he had a history of heart problems and yet, she went first, causing shock as she was such a positive personality and although she was not five foot high and tiny figure , she filled a room when she entered ! So, there I was in the middle of doing things and thinking about other matters when my mother popped into my mind. She was exactly 20 years older than I am now, so that means in order to reach her age, I have another twenty years, and what am I going to do with it.. A while ago, it wouldn't have entered my mind, but with my latest health issues, its things like this I find I am thinking about more and more.. First tranch of my  life was at home and learning and growing into a person, the second was being a mother and wife and career person with running and home and caring for five children and husband and now I am still working, still a wife, albeit to another husband, and what is next? I love to travel, but finances are tighter now that we are older... whoever said it would be a breeze getting older and we would have all that money saved or in the value of the house.. ha ha they were not right... anyway, travel apart, I am going to take stock and start to  do my things things just for me , and one of these is blogging of course, communicating with the world... then I have joined a circle of french speakers to improve my daily french...coming from a French family with a name like Chopin, I should already be fluent, but I am not, so this is one thing I have to do this year.. first meeting is next sunday in Nottingham.. looking forward to that... next thing is writing my book, which I have been slow burning for many years,.. then art, that has to come back in my life in a big way.. hasn't really been as big a part as it should have been after I left Art School in the 60's.. then home makeing and crafting and more antique browsing and finding treasures, and photography,... there is so much I want to do and will do, just have to get and do them... I am hopeless at planning, just better if I action as soon as I think of it... I can't bear to waste time and so today I have done many things and things are b ubbling in kitchen whilst I grab a few moments to reflect... so roll on twenty years, lets see what you're going to do to me!!![ mind you the photo above, taken twenty years ago is not much like me now, so what will I  look like in another twenty years!! ]


  1. Lovely then and now.
    I don't think you probably waste much time, Janzi. In the end maybe it's those quiet moments when we think we are wasting time that are really when we do our deepest thinking and that's never a bad thing.
    French, mon amie? I was thinking of taking a French class this term. We can swap phrases!

    1. I will be very happy to exchange french with you, will let you know how I get on after next sunday, really looking forward to it... did do private tuition with my friend at her house, but the lady didnt really engage us in conversation although we knew a lot... I just want to be able to speak clearly and fluently as much as I can, and not bother about the learning of grammar and all the other things.. like maths, it doesnt go in!!!

  2. This is a great post. :)
    I might have overflowed the tub once or twice myself.