Saturday, 18 February 2012

spring day

We're having totally glorious sunshine which won't last, but for the moment it is so enjoyable.. out in the garden there are shoots coming through and the trees are all budding which is a wonderful indicator that we are well on our way to Springtime.. However the pundits do also say that we have more Arctic weather coming our way next week, and on a day like today that is so hard to imagine.. Our Winters are not like others.. we don't start the snow and continue it until warmer weather, we have flurries sometimes quite lasting and then gone to mush and slush.. but it is also unpredictable and so you never know what to wear at any time.  I have just finished my ironing for today, which I have for the last two weeks been doing religiously.. I have managed to get the cupboard filled properly with all the ironed items.. all in a row and tidy.. very satisfying indeed... however, I did notice all the different colours that I wear and I am not sure that they all suit me or fit me that well... so I am having another clear out.. When some famous ladies decide that they are only going to wear one or two colours and arrange their wardrobe accordingly, it must be easier to be organised and ready for action quickly I am sure, so I am thinking that apart from the eternal black garments of which I do have many, what other colour should I choose. I do love white, but that would be too much besides this country isn't hot enough to do just that colour all summer.. so there will be some white, but the main colour I should choose is hard.  Jean Muir a very famous fashion designer only wore navy and white for the last thirty years of her life.. and so smart she looked too...  My wardrobe is much like myself at the moment, not got a structure or fashionable lean to it.. must give this some thought... I am going to sort out exactly how many colours I actually have now that I have ironed them and see which suit the best then decide... isn't it amazing how many other things you can get to think about apart from doing housework and cleaning ha ha.. Keeps me occupied anyway! 

So I am going to enjoy this lovely afternoon, take the dog out, have a little walk in the sun, then come home and put my feet up and watch TV this evening with my darling husband.. we watch a series that are foreign films with sub titles... he adores these kind of films, so we share them together and its great fun.. As we both work from home he has his office and I have mine and after work we have too many other things to do before the evening is over, so we don't watch TV much, just on Saturday nights together with a choc or two! Bliss..

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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening, Janzi.

    Saturday is my night for British comedies on TV, but best of all is Sunday evenings episode of "Downton Abbey", luscious! This will be the last in the series, sob..! It's been so lovely to see England and the beautiful houses. You folks really do know how to make some goooood viewing!

    Hope the sun continues there on Sunday :)