Sunday, 12 February 2012

who invented what

Do you ever ask yourself who invented this or that? For instance I was sitting eating a piece of cheese and  suddenly thought, this  piece of cheese comes from milk, but how did the ancients discover the way to make cheese? If you leave milk, it becomes all cloudy and whiffy and almost yogurt, but how to actually make it into butter or cheese... we know now all the processes that we do on an industrial scale to provide us with these products, but in ancient times they only had wood or animal bones and their own hard work to create a similar item.. What kind of reception did that first person get when the others were shown what they had produced.?.. did it meet with derision as a lot of things are when first discovered, or were they all excited at the idea of another kind of food to eat.? All questions of course that no one can answer...

My dogs are squabbling over a bone that Millie has discovered.. it is an ancient bone, one that she had hidden and forgotten, but Reiver wants it too and keeps barking at her to share* She prances around him with the bone half out of her mouth tempting him to take it from her, but he gets exasperated as she is too quick with swerving away and he doesn't get hold of it.. to see their interplay is fascinating and amusing, and I could watch for hours, but must get on with other chores to do around the house...

 Non ending this round of things to do.. read a diary of mine from 1978 the other evening and my goodness I was on the go morning til night and often not in bed until after midnight, then being woken up by one or other of the babies.. my last ones, thank goodness**
The energy that one uses in order to keep everything going is something that I am finding hard to sustain these days... probably because I didn't rest enough after my ops, just really tried to be as normal as possible and resting didn't come into it.. Resting is boring don't you think? My mind finds it hard to rest, as you can see by the kind of questions I am always asking myself.. But I do find that if I am quiet enough in my head, I can read for hours, or knit or sew- but rare when I scratch the time out to to such things... I feel guilty if I am able to just sit and do nothing,.as there is always something that could be done...
 How inventors manage to sit and invent and really get to grips with creating their thoughts out into fact is beyond me... as is turning milk into butter or cheese..

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