Friday, 3 February 2012

off line

I have been offline for almost one week and its been quite a torure not to be able to catch up with everything happening in Blog land.. However all is well and I am back again.  Its been a difficult week even without the computer as the phones also went.. Our telephone pole was knocked down by a silly van last Saturday and all the lines trailed over the roads and gardens.. They had to be cut back and then re attached this morning.. but its been a long week of silence.. don't know what I would have done without my mobile to keep me in touch with my business and closest friends. My husband had to use my mobile to contact and work with his office, and I used an older version.. but it was good to get back to basics.. We are quite spoiled by choice.. I have also gone the route of having my hair chopped off and seeing if I like it... its been bobbed, I wanted it much shorter my hairdresser said it would be too much of a shock, so to do in stages.. if I didnt like the bob I could have it shortened next time... we shall see..

 I saw a rainbow the other night and it was so beautiful hanging there in the misty sky.. I remembered when the children were young, we saw one over London and decided to see if we could reach the Rainbow's end,  We drove this way and that way and over several fun timed hours, we travelled all over trying to get to the end of it, but each time we thought we got close and got all excited, it moved again in a nother direction.. It was fun to do, and the kids learned a lesson I think, that all in life is not as straighforward as it looks, but  how we did  laugh a lot that day!!!

There is a note on another site saying my niece will turn 39 tomorrow! I can still remember the phone call her dad made to us all those years ago, announcing that he had a baby daughter, their first child, and he was so excited and nervous and thrilled... and we all were so delighted too to welcome another addition to the family.. Now she is a fully fledged grown up!!..Of course I should not really be surprised as my own older children are now in their forties, but inside me, I am still only around 20 ish and still waiting to know when I am going to feel grown up!!! Sometimes I think this is all a dream and I am going to wake up and find myself back at home with all my life yet to live and my parents still looking after me and I am just getting out and about with a job and new friends,and this life has all been a a mirage.. but then I know its real and I have my wonderful kids and family and all the living I have had to do, all has had a purpose, even if at times I didnt and still don't really know what the wretched purpose was !!! However, one thing that I do find unsettling is how young and immature I still feel inside.. I surprise myself with my knowledge too and then on reflection perhaps it is nt so unusual, but because I am still only silly inside my head I find interesting that others seem to think I have something to impart..My mother always said she would never get old, and she really didnt.. she was out visiting sick people in hospital until her late eighties, she found things to go out and do away from the house, that gave her pleasure and made her still active and useful...She had a beautiful soprano voice that she used singing at weddings, and still took singing lessons to keep her voice in tune.. so I guess inside of her she still felt young and resisted falling into the trap of letting yourself be old purely by age .. of course she did enjoy good health and mental facilties, so she was fortunate too in that way.. I always  wanted to live until I was over 100 perhaps 106 might be good, but with all this recent health developments I am no longer quite so certain.. I don't want to anticipate dying younger, but illness does have an effect on ones capability to stay younger feeling.. Today I am having a good day, so I am optimistic, lets hope tomorrow will be the same... whatever it turns out to be, I am so glad I am back online....!!

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  1. And I am so glad too!!!
    Would love to see a picture of your Mum if you ever find one to post here. She sounds lovely Janzi, just like you.
    We really are becoming attached to this blog world aren't we? But reality is still the best for me and I am so glad you are a part of mine.
    Looking forward to more post, welcome back!