Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Facebook addict

It used to be that the first thing I turned to, when my computer switched on, was Facebook to see how my family were doing and what other comments from friends was on there... now it is later in the day when I switch over as most of my thoughts are with the blogging world and who is saying what and what pictures and inspirational comments are being posted.. it truly has opened my world and I just love it.. I have joined a writing group and will start to see how to get started on that.. always thought I would write after the children left home, but never got around to it.. j ust like my painting and drawing, all these skills I want to rehone and do again and feel enriched by doing so.. Can't wait to get started.t as spring approaches fast and I do not have ops to think about... then all the ideas will come together.. and we shall be off... going to get a little shop on Etsy too.. that will be amazing... so sooner than I think the time will be here... but facebook is taking a back seat for now..

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