Friday, 20 January 2012


When I was at school, as a child of mixed race, I was the only one with a different albeit slightly darker skin. I didnt have any close friends and was always the last to be picked for any team games. My skin is olive, which these days is not unusual, but back then in the 50's it was and so I found myself buying friends. I would bring all my latest gifts and presents and give them away to belong in a group of girls.. they accepted the gifts and then would let me play with them one time all day, then the next day I would be back to being on my own again.. In my last years at school I made friends that I am friends with still almost 50 years later, and those friends are very precious to me indeed. They were part of the same groups that had found it hard to include me in, but as they matured and made their own minds up, they chose to be my friend, finally- and without having to give any more bribes!!- I have made friends later through my life, through work, meetings on train stations, at mothers and baby clubs, through children making friends at school and then meeting their mothers,. so in all sorts of ways I have found my dearest friends.. Friends that I can talk about in all sorts of ways, about my thoughts, about my problems or just for being there.. can be away from them for years and years, then pick up the phone and its like yesterday again and the chat flows easily between us. Now with this new lark of blogging I am finding more friends on my wave length who will I am sure join my cherished group of friends, and its so amazing that this will happen.. already I feel in complete harmony with people that I have not met, might not ever meet, but who talk to me in a depth that is rare amongst just acquaintances- just magical, and looking at the blogs, the designs, the art work the making of items or refurbishing of junk items is just empowering to me as its what I have been doing for years... colour lifts my soul, and now blogging is doing the same, so thank you all those Bloggers who have commented, I welcome you as my new friends**

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