Saturday, 7 January 2012

doggie people transition

It can happen without you even knowing its going to!! When my daughter left england to live in Canada over ten years ago, we took on the responsibility of one of her dogs, a darling collie called Sasha.. she was already an adult dog with all her own ways and foibles... the worst was trying to walk her out... she would pull so much I could not take her, but it was funny to see her almost on the floor pulling us along... as she gradually grew older she calmed down and became quite the dowager queen.. in the last year of her life, we introduced a puppy who was part staffie and part collie... she looks staffie colours, but more collie intelligence... full of bounce though and she used to really try and get Sasha to play... when her moves got too much for the older lady, she let her know in no uncertain terms, but together they learned to play and live and love each other. I do believe that Sasha enjoyed Millie's company and made her last days quite happy. When Sasha did finally join the other dogs in the sky we were introduced to another lovely dog we named Reiver. He is also part staffie, but the other part is lurcher.. he is bigger and quieter and much more quiet... or at least he was until he fell under Millie's influence... he has come out of his shell a lot and they play so well together despite all the growls and barks at each other they love each other a lot... Millie is an inveterate jumper upper and seems to think that you have to lick a person to death to show your affection for them... so she will calm down later I am sure because Sasha too was like this... the funniest thing is when they are dozing in the evening and I call downstairs, Millie starts to bark with a squeak as if to say,' I wasnt asleep just dozing.... where's the panic..'. then she will push at Reiver to go seek the reason for her waking up... she really does push him around, which he takes mostly, but if she over does it he tells her off! I guess we are so affectionate with the dogs as our children are all grown and they are so easy to love even when they get smelly after rolling in muck or diving in the river.. my kids think we are mad, but then I would never have believed how quickly a couple of puppies could take over your life.. we have had them 2 years now and would not change them for the world... despite the committment.. life just wouldnt be the same without them.........doggie people indeed!!!!

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