Wednesday, 18 January 2012

a title for this year- focus and action= DISCIPLINE

Looking at another person's blogging where she chooses a word for the year.. I have decided my word should be discipline... I am not disciplined in my actions, I do not retain focus and therefore I have lots and lots of things that need doing, and  I think that I will get around to them in time... hmmm... well maybe having this big word Discipline in front of me as a word for the year, will mean that instead I will finish each task I start, and get my self organised all over, from doing the house and all its rooms, to finishing off projects that I have bought the material for, to hang the curtains where I said they would go and to generally finish everything I start to do... This might even include the diets that I start and never continue.. so discipline is my big word... lets see how far it will take me this year!
 This is day one for actioning Discipline in all that I do including diet..

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  1. Ha Ha, that's funny. As well as reading a book about India, I'm also reading a book called "RAPT" - attention and the focused life by Winifred Gallagher. Focus and discipline is not my forte' either. Perhaps she'll be of some help and I'll get my couch cushions reupholstered this year !! The fabric has been sitting in the sewing room for 8 months....!!

    Good Luck!!