Tuesday, 17 January 2012

how to learn humble

It seems to me that I have been going on a bit about my problems, which have been life  changing, but I am managing to cope and get around and see my friends despite accidents and annoying routine to follow.. Today when I spoke to an old school friend I haven't see for a long while but we keep in touch over the phone, she told me that she had got news her husband yesterday was told he had bowel cancer.. then she let slip that her own stage 4 cancer was ok, she had a malicious melanoma 2 years ago that she told me nothing about just got on with it!! I had orginally called to catch up and see how one of her grandsons was doing... he has a condition called EB which means that he missing a layer of skin, so it blisters and rarely do the children live long.. but here he is at 9 doing very well indeed although having to be bandaged all the time.. but bright as a button... and then she told me another grandson of 11 having seizures because of a massive brain tumour... I mean how lucky do you have to be to get all these things happen to you- and she is so calm and loving and caring and just gets on with living... Well, I truly do feel humbled after talking to her, but I know she would just brush it off and say, oh stop being stupid, its just another day to get through... 

 I have been reading a little book by Fay Weldon, a well known british writer, who is ok I guess, but is lauded a lot over here... never really related to her in the same way... and then I got to thinking about Collette, the french writer who I discovered in my twenties and is one of the rare authors I can read and read over and over again... there are not many I would choose to re read, but Dickens is another and so is Jane Austen.. Anyway, Collette, just seemed to reach out to my wave length and I have loved her ever since.. I am trying to re read books I read when younger and see if I still have the same reaction to them as I did then... but now I find a lot of these books are out of issue., so have to research online to see where I can find them again... all good fun...
 I have been out and about this morning too.. buying dog food and seeing if anything worth buying in the local charity shops.. not today.. but every day I go, and sometimes I find a real treasure*I am still cold, despite wearing the thickest socks I could find, could barely squeeze the old lady shoes on! and still the feet are frozen.. my nose is ice cold too ha h

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so loving the pictures of your home! We decorate in exatly the same style! What a lovely place to live.

    Amazing isn't it how some people are able to just get on with life. But I wonder sometimes if they hide their pain. I'm not very good at that.

    Hope you warm up today J, I hate cold feet they so distract!

    Got to scoot and meet my sister for tea. But will look at all the rest of the pictures first. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful I've got to get busy and post mine asap.

    You are 8 hours ahead of us, so by now you are probably sitting down to dinner. Hope it was a good day for you :)