Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hair today- gone tomorrow??

My hair is long now, and its taken almost two  years to get this long.. I decided that before I really turned old I would find out how it felt having it with a centre parting like I did when I was in my twenties, and hanging loose... I have discovered that hanging loose is not my thing anymore.. it irritates me around my face, so I have it up all the time, which is not much different from having it cut short as it was before.. then it was layered all over with a tiny fringe that was wispy across my forehead./.. but the big question is, why am I afraid to cut it short again, will I be disatisfied again, and is it because a lot of things in my life make me disatisfied, and really should I be looking at other areas that need changing rather than my hairstyle!!!

Hmmm, a big ponderable don't you think.... we all have areas that are not quite what we want, but changing them is hard as you have to look deep inside your self to see what the problem is, and most times you flippin well cannot really pin point it, or if you can, it means a major change in your life.!!

I mostly like my life, I have a great family of children and their kids, a very loving and patient husband, two wonderful dogs, and I live in a house that my grandparents could only dream of... but..... it is big, and suddenly with all my ops and recuperations I am finding keeping it clean and tidy harder than before... I  would like to run a business from here, much like the other bloggers are doing, on Etsy.. I want to carry on searching out treasures in far flung places and bring them home to sell, and so I am going to make some really big decisions which might or might not mean I do cut my hair... we shall see, but the journey is still starting, and I have my wonderful daughter in law to thank for getting me on to blogging... I am on facebook of course keeping in touch with the family, but the blogging is a whole new area that I find mindblowing and life giving... utterly amazing!!

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