Thursday, 12 January 2012

back from the dentist

Its sunny outside but the wind is cold and my feet are still freezing from standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus to take me into town to catch another bus home. I had to take a taxi to the dentist to start the procedure of getting another Dental bridge fixed.. My dog Millie decided my last one was too delicious not to bite into tiny bits!! Well, I did go into major meltdown that night... my poor husband didnt know what to do with me.. This year has been such a terrible one for me and I have had a very long learning curve in trying to cope with it all. Getting sciatica was not pleasant, but I could just about manage with strong painkillers.. could take the dogs out walking for at least 2 miles, but as it was constant was referred to specialist who said they were amazed I was still walking as the MRI showed how compressed my nerves were and that I would be in a wheelchair very soon... hummm.... well of course I agreed to the op didnt I?? WEnt in on May 9th last year, and after a few days it was obvious that my voiding from both ends was not stopping, so on the 26th they did another op, which gave a bit of tiny control..ish that is..... which left me with a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome... not good, still able to walk,but not so far with the weakened legs... plus all the other effects that condition causes... As you can imagine I have been devastated and feeling less female and my self.. so when the dog ate my teeth, I was sunk into a very very black hole... all night,, but somehow its not worth going on and on about it, so next day, back to normal again, or at least pretending to be as normal as is possible, and carry on... so now we are starting the process of making a bridge for me which wont be ended until mid Feb... believe me I could have given Millie away that night... however, the sun is shining and spring is on its way, and I can get around, and I have a husband  and family that love me as I am with or without all the extras**!!

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