Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My rose tea cups and saucers

Today as is my wont, after the visit to the dentist  I went to the Charity Shop and found these lovely tea cups and saucers and side plates with a larger plate for the cake or sandwiches.. the design was so pretty I just could not walk out and leave them behind.. they are roses with a trellis design and although the gilding is worn there are no cracks to see, and the shape is delightful with a fluted design,, quite how that works whilst sipping the tea, not sure, but it does look so pretty.. they will go and join my other lovely sets that I have collected over the past years.. then when I get bored, or they haven't been used for a long while I will sell them onwards for someone else to enjoy their beauty.. I think these are  victorian, and I just love the shapes..

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