Thursday, 19 January 2012

Missing my kids

I miss my kids all the time.. two are in far off places, but the rest scattered around England I miss just as much.. of course I get to see them more than the other two, but I do wish it was the old fashioned way where we all lived in fairly close proximity. I know they have their own lives to lead, but take for instance the other week when my youngest, John Jo called me to say he was just leaving hospital because he had had a water infection and then passed kidney stones.. and he'd dealt with it all on his own as he is not in a relationship at the moment.. I felt awful and he only lives about a 2 hour drive away... when Gaby in Canada wants to talk to me its usually when I am gone to bed and as she is 5 hours behind in time, its always difficult to catch up unless its during the day when she is at work.. she is living the dream out there, has a great job and husband and kids, but I haven't been out to see her for almost 8 years now, but I did go a lot when they first moved out there.. Daniel living in Australia with his wife and little son, almost two years since they left and today is his baby boy's 2nd birthday.and I still have not been out to visit yet... Rebecca  lives in Oxford and is going through a marital breakup after over 20 years marriage and I am not close enough to hug her when she needs it although we are on line a lot and text a lot.. and Chris is in London with his lovely wife, but he has off days too that he has to deal with on his own as I am 2 hours away again too.. I would love them all to live within a few miles, and the big thing is that when I die I want them all to come and be buried with me when they die in their own time, but that won't happen.. but it would be nice.. My parents are buried over 4 hours drive away and I rarely get down to see their grave, so having a family mausoleum sounds like a great idea!

Since my last round of ops having lots of thoughts about mortality and how much longer I have in front of me.. it does get morbid, but I do want everything to be just so, when I pop off, and my affairs certainly aren't in a straightforward position at the moment... that's another thing to do... disciplining myself to do it..

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  1. They may be far away, but I am so glad you have them all and thank god for the internet to keep you all in touch.
    Your hubby is as cute as a button. I've never been a runner, but there certainly are people who like it.
    I think you've got a long way to go Janzi before "lights out"... at least long enough to wait for me to get my act together and visit England for a little meet up! I'm dying to walk through those rooms :)