Friday, 13 January 2012

another book title, not today

Its been a very hard frost outside, but the sun is coming out and all is well with the world, well, here anyway... I feel quite positive today, I am moving around the office and getting it all spring cleaned so it doesnt look quite a tip as usual!! I shall change the curtains and have a totally different outlook for the desk and I shall feel renewed,,, Did not wake up with another book title, so seems it doesnt run in threes!! I have been inspired looking at other blogs and all the beautiful pictures, I shall start to look out pics of my won and find out how to share them with the world soon.. I shall feel quite invigorated and inspired and getting on with changing my work world and outlook so the coming Year is a much better one that the last one* so thats it now until my office is changed and cleaned..

1 comment:

  1. Incredible that you are able to keep such a positive attitude. I live alone, so perhaps that makes it a bit harder. But it's encouraging to me to see you keep trying to improve things for yourself even with all the challenges you face. Good for you!!