Sunday, 8 January 2012

First sunday after New Year

Cold and damp, but still fine for a january day... got things downstairs ready to hand over having sold them on Ebay.. they should all be coming to collect today... dont like waiting to be paid, as they can still change their minds which can be a bore.. I am liking Ebay a lot, but find that I do hardly ever sell first time, the one who makes the most out of my transactions is Ebay of course as I relist and relist...I do have lots of things I want to clear out, but getting a proper price for them is not as easy as it seems..I  have been using Ebay now for over 4 years and found it useful in many ways, just wish I was better at selling the items first time round!!I am also in the midst of clearing out my office, creating new space, cleaning and tidying and also finding the paper work for my year end accounts. so its all higgledy piggledy at the moment, but the end of the week should see it sorted..

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