Friday, 20 January 2012


On the 10th of this month I was going to have a tea party to celebrate the new year, bring out my lovely vintage china and share cakes and chat and have a ball... well the stupid replacement  knee was crippling me with pain and as it was so off and on, decided to cancel the tea party... only- although I sent everyone emails and texts, one person did not get it, so arrived on time, just as they saw me leaving the driveway onto the road.!!!!. of course when John answered the door he knew nothing about it, knowing that it was cancelled, but nought else.. embarrassing for him or what? (as these nice people a couple I met whilst in hospital.. she was having her third spine op to straighten her spine.. and was in the bed opposite...) and so I had to grovel on the phone and tell them how sorry I was and that we would have a tea party all to ourselves on Friday 20th... well, guess what???? TODAY is friday 20th, and when the door bell rang I was in my oldest clothes, hair not very tidy, no makeup and slippers... AH Ha you say,,

YES IT WAS THEM!!!! come to have tea with me and I had totally forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I had made scones yesterday, so quickly buttered them and made some tea and went into the front room to join them.... (I might add that I hadnt taken the shutters back today in the front room, so had to do that to let the light in, but finally it was all done,) we had tea and scones and a lovely chat and John joined us and it went very well... but what a ditherer I am, fancy forgetting their coming over!!! I am having too many of these senior moments at the time, I shall have to write everything down, which I abhor doing, but it seems it might be the only way I might operate properly- I am so glad I was in, and not out and disappointing them again as they are such a nice couple!!

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