Monday, 9 January 2012

without the car

Well, truly lost without a car... ours having been taken in this morning to have tyres changed, had to catch the bus to get to hospital for xray.. took me over 25 mins to walk to bus stop slowly of course.. and then another same distance to hospital.. by the time I managed to catch the bus home I was completely whacked out! So I must make sure we never get rid of the car !!
I have joined an organisation called CES which stands for Cauda Equina Syndrome...a rare condition caused by nerve damage to spine... mine was inflicted by doctors, but you can get it from bulging discs that arent seen to... whichever way to get it, its horrid and life changing... I shall be involved if I can in making the world more aware of it... even medical people dont seem to know about it... or want to, if truth be told!! It is the hardest thing on earth to accept a life change like this, and I know I should be grateful that I am not completely paralysed, but I am not.. just furious that I am like this through no fault of my own..
 there, thats my vent for today....
 what else is happening... managed to get quite a few nice things sold on Ebay and that has made me happy, so will end on a happy note ****


  1. Hello Janzi,
    So nice to have found your blog today. I follow Ms. Moon's blog aswell and decided to look you up. So impressed that you keep blogging with few comments. I'm very affected by lack of comments and loose my desire to blog. Shouldn't be, but that's how it is. Silly, isn't it? I take the lack of comments as a!

    I used to have two doggies, they are gone now, Terrier and Border Collie. Wish I was in the position to have a dog again, but the time is not right.

    Just coming out of the pain of a hysterectomy, 10" scar across my none too pretty tummy anyway, so not too happy right now. Terrible lot of pain and nausea. So sorry to hear about your back problem. Hope you get moments without pain and can forget it sometimes.

    I adore England and look forward to hearing more about your life and the world in which you live.
    Cheers, Liv

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