Wednesday, 11 January 2012

greetings to a friend called Livia

What a lovely name, probably roman in origin? I too have had that op and it does get you down trying to get better and recuperate.. it does take a while and one is very weepy with it too- I was back working after 3 weeks, but really shouldnt have been; I was aiding my husband in his Accountancy practice and really could have done without having to get to his office to help with the admin at that time.. I got so bored staying at home.. but it did get better and after several weeks I became to feel a bit more like myself again. Since then I have had several operations for various things.. but each time managed to recover quite well except for this last one that has left me with a lot of damage... However, I am back driving and getting around even slowly is a bonus than being cooped up in the house! all my kids have fled the coop, so I live with my husband and two dogs in a large house and we both work from home.. I use an office upstairs and his is downstairs.. we hardly meet during the day** I am writing this and hearing John take the dogs out for their evening walk, and Millie the girl dog is barking like mad... she doesnt do it when I am there, but with him she shouts and barks all the time with her excitement at going out.. Reiver the other dog is much quieter, although he does bark when she gets him annoyed! I live right in the middle of England, equally distant from Nottingham and Derby and not too far from Leicester.. The M1 which is our main route through UK is o nly 3 miles away and the airport 8 miles away.. Our house was built in 1823, so is georgian in design and size.. this is the biggest house I have ever lived in, and we had no children living here when we moved, they had all grown up... Between us we have 8 children and several grandchildren... Do not worry if you cry a lot after your op, it is all part of the healing and letting go of the awful pain... go back to docs to get sttronger ones if they are not dulling the pain as much as they could.  Look forward to hearing from Livia again, but to anyone who has taken time to read this. thank you very much for y our support!

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