Wednesday, 11 January 2012

exciting to be contacted from across the pond!!

This blogging lark is amazing, and how well everybody seems to write... there are a lot of craft ones and religious ones, but I want to just share my thoughts without any preaching or praising or showing off... I have the most wonderful family whom I communicate with on Facebook, so that gets me in touch with them all the time... I have friends around the world too, but blogging is even better as you can put your thoughts out there in the ether and maybe some soul the other side of the world will catch that thought and send a message back to you, which is what has happened..** I live with my husband, we have two mad dogs who are 2 years old and should know better.. I love buying and selling antiques and bric a brac... must come from my background.. in the 19th and early part of the 20th century, my maternal grandparents came from coster monger families and had market stalls** My darling mother had the most wonderful voice, and she sang opera and sounded very like Maria Callas, but to my ear, much better!! My dad was musical too Chopin being our surname I guess it was taken for granted!! My parents love to make music, entertain their friends and have a sing song in the evenings when we were all with family or friends.. these days, entertainment seems to be the box, or computer, but back then we did our own.. I had a reasonable singing voice which is all but lost now, and my brother had a lovely tenor voice too.. we even joined a group that entertained the old people in homes for  a while when I was in my teens. My mother became part of the entertainment group ENSA that travelled all over to give concerts for the troops in the second world war.. My dad was a wireless operator in the Bombers in the RAF.  We had my parents around for a lovely long time, and they only left us at the beginning years of this century when they were in their mid 80's.. We actually managed to know them as grown ups and they had the joy of seeing great grandchildren come along to join the family.. I miss them dreadfully, but glad I had them a longer time than most. I am looking forward to finding new friends through this medium and will now look at tv and watch a programme I've been promising myself to see..

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