Thursday, 19 January 2012

Waiting around early mornings

Yesterday we were looking after the boys, Joshua and Sam, and got them home after school. Josh was quiet and pale and it turned out he had had a headache all day and wasn't feeling too wonderful,. I sat him on the couch under a throw blanket and bought him drinks and gave some calpol for his headache.. all afternoon he sat on the couch and was a bit weepy. Sam however was his usual exuberant self bouncing all over the place.. they watched the very old original Batman progammes and Sam barely moved as he was watching so hard! When the parents came in we told them that Josh was not hundred percent, and as we left I said I would come over for 7am if they wanted him to be staying at home..I really thought I would be called, so set alarm for 6 am and got up... watched my blackberry for any messages, but nothing came, so I have been up for hours now, but I was ready to dash over to help... at least if they had called me.. so I guess either one of them stayed home instead, or he was feeling a lot better this morning.. but last night he was a little poorly boy.

. Its still only 8 am, could get back into bed if I wanted to, but better to start the day and carry on perhaps... Today is also the 2nd birthday of my youngest grandson, the one that lives in Australia.. Griffin is his name.. unusual in this family, but my son and his wife thought it a great name, so that's his name... he is a little darling, and walking and talking advanced for his years!  the hardest thing is not being known to him, I am not close to him, despite the pics and drawings and videos, he doesn't know me like his other grandma that lives nearbye.. Jealous ain't the word!!

The man has gone for his jog- this is him just before his departure ha ha... he is all equipped for the cold winds out there... he runs for over an hour and then wonders to himself and me, why he is tired!! He has done the jogging for many years, and marathon running, but he is slowed down a lot recently since he got an infection that affected his breathing and now he has to use puffers to keep the airways open properly.. I am sure it has affected his weight too.. but he's happy running, and whilst he can do it, why not do it..

I used to run too, ran when the last two boys were babies, taking my older daughter Rebecca out with me, doing long 2 or three mile runs through the streets and feeling good at the end of it.. one day my track suit bottoms were feeling really loose and I said to her that I was so pleased that at last my clothes were becoming loose after all this running, and feeling very good in myself, until I realised that the elastic had gone in the trousers ha ha ha... wasn't getting thinner at all!!
I used to be proud of the fact I could walk for miles, my legs were strong and I was healthy and getting better with all the walking around I did when the kids were small in and prams.. now I have to be careful where I park the car so it isnt too far from where I want to go.. these legs are still so weak and silly, it makes me quite angry at times.. how do you tell if its just the aftermath of the ops, or it is because you really are getting older now you are in the late sixties>?>?
Another thing I have noticed, and probably I am to blame as I do not wear rubber gloves whilst washing up, is that my nails are cracking and many times below the nail in the quick area, so its pretty painful, and they bend back without warning when I am lifting or doing things, a really painful thing to happen, but my nails have never been strong, could never grow long nails, would always break, so guess there is something missing in my eating that makes them weak like this..
Despite the warning, it looks like another mild day, no frost on the ground.. thats good.. Have to put on paper all my figures for the tax man to file at the weekend.. hate this yearly job, and John gets fun out of watching me struggle as its his job all the time to be an accountant and get all these tax returns filed for his clients, but he is amused at my struggles.. I am not a paperwork person, more of an ideas person, could happily take all the receipts and paperwork and put it down the toilet!!

Already we are half way through this month, last year I missed altogether - so hope this year is much more beneficial and I get more things done.. I must say this blogging does inspire me when I see the other blogs particularly those with the interior decorating ideas.. magic..

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