Monday, 16 January 2012

High heels

I loved wearing high heels, adored the height they gave me- I am only 5.4 and a hlf./.When I first was married at 21 I owned 51 pairs of shoes, many needing mending or re heeling, but I loved them all... these days I do not own so many shoes and now because of the ops, I have to wear almost flat shoes, sensible shoes, shoes that I hate and do not love and sling away from me as soon as I can take them off... Sensible was not in my dictionary when I was young... now as an approaching old lady, it is.. and I hate it!! My high heels were gorgeous, at only size 4 and half, they gave me beautiful feet... with great heels I felt a million dollars.. My mother was even smaller at 4ft 11 and a half inches, her size shoe was 2 and a half or 3 depending on the maker.. when they travelled to france on holiday, my father always made a point of buying her the prettiest shoes., the french really did know how to make a beautiful shoe.. The last times I was able to wear shoes that size I was about 10 and I remember borrowing a pair of brown high heels to walk to the newsagents to get a magazine and felt the whole world saw me as a grown up! Of course they were probably looking at me saying to themselves, 'what is that child doing wearing high heels!' but I thought they were admiring me and my legs and my gorgeous shoes!!! what I was wearing at the time, I have no recollection but it probably didnt go with the heels at all**

So along with all the problems these ops have given me, I cannot forgive it for stopping me wearing lovely heels.. slooping around in flats just is not the same... doesnt give the same uplift to oneself as heels do.. never thought I would have to stop wearing them, because until the end, my darling ma wore her heels on shoes and boots until she was over 87... so I had thought I too would do the same... never had a bunion or sore blisters from wearing them either-

Its another day, harder frost again last night... what does actually make the frost... I have so many questions that I want to ask and its probably way too late to start asking now.. but I shall,. every time I have a question I am going to write it down, and maybe someone out there or close to me will answer the questions and give me the answers... maybe.?

Its pretty cold in this office, the heating has not yet come on, although it is almost 8 am, so will go and get dressed in order to start facing the day... I hope everyone has a good day today too...

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  1. I missed this little post about shoes. So glad I scrolled down and found it today!
    I love shoes too. Used to have so many beautiful ones when I was young too. Were did they all go? I guess I gave them away thinking they were out of fashion. Now I would kill to have them back with their beautiful scrolled buckles on the toe and the soft kid leather, sigh. Now I most wear "tennis shoes" we call them or ballet slippers. No reason to dress up anymore. Where did it all go?
    I have one lovely pair of black velvet Ferragamo a box in the closet... I'm going to go take them out and at least look at them....maybe they'll still fit?
    Thanks Janzi, lovely post.