Thursday, 12 January 2012

7 letters from a Liars Market

The last two mornings, I have woken up with a title of a book in my mind... dont know why or where these ideas come from but the first one yesterday, Liars Market, and then today Seven Letters, so my husband suggested that I put them together like I have in the title of this post... Its quite fascinating to think that it could lead to all sorts of ideas... who would read or believe letters from a liar? Was it Liar, or Lyre, dont know, but got me thinking how authors find what to call their books. When I went to meet Michael Connelly who was over here signing his latest book just before Christmas he said he started with the title.. And all the different meanings that it could have.. his latest was called The Drop,. which could allude to the blood spot, the way a person's life was going and a million more ideas he said to us the audience,.,. It was a fabulous evening meeting an Author who you like and read everything from* I do also like to email Authors and let them know I loved their books, from speaking to them, I have found they do find the feedback interesting and uplifting at times, so thats good, and I love the connecting~~From looking at a lot of blogs, I think that there are a lot more writers out there that have not been published.. perhaps everyone has a book that could be read inside of them... so back to my two titles, what to do with them and will I have another one tomorrow as I wake up to add to the list!??

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